I think I have Amnesia... (A PewDiePie Fan-Fiction [May contain Horror])

Jessica Daniels wakes up in a strange room when a strange boy she has never met before runs in... what the hell happened last night?!


12. Merry Christmas!

PewDiePie's P.O.V

Stephano had pushed me so that mine and Jess' lips were touching. In that short time I felt fireworks. I felt bad for Marzia but I had never felt anything like this with her before. As soon as I could I pulled away I started blushing like crazy, but then again so was she. I looked down feeling very embarassed.

"I... I'm sorry Jess..." I said stuttering.

"Uh... It's okay, I guess" She replied, with her face deepening it's colour. I turned around to see Stephano smirking. As I turned a bit more I saw Cry still kissing the closet. I cleared my throat.

"Wha- Nothing happened!" Cry yelled, also turning red.

"Umm... Shall we go then? I think I saw another door near the Bro..." Jess said nervously.

"Okay!" Mr.Chair said while jumping out of Chair-Mode.

"Lets go!" I replied while walking out the door.


Stephano's P.O.V

Finally! They kissed! It's not like I did it on purpose or anything... Nope... Not me...


Jess' P.O.V

Wow. I, I don't know what to say. Now it's slightly awkward but we carried on. Conversation was sparse and slighly forced, but luckily we managed to reach the door quite quickly. I opened it up, not expecting to be as suprised as I was. Not being able to hold it in, I let out a gasp along with everyone else. This room was a massive dining hall with Christmas lunch prepared on the table with an equally as big decorated pine tree in the middle of the room. That's when we heard a deep voice echo through-out the room.

"Merry Christmas players. In this room you will be able to celebrate Christmas without any monsters, or barrels, or statues joining you. There are bedrooms that are through the doors to your left and a bathroom to your right. Enjoy" The voice finished. Was this for real? I look around to the boys still in shock.

"Merry Christmas?" I said in a slighly questioning mannor.

"Merry Chair-mas!" Shouted Mr.Chair as he walked in. This caused me to laughed slightly. My stomach rumbled again. I giggled nervously and ran over to the table, taking a seat.

"Shall we dig in then?"


A/N: Sorry it's short, I didn't get much time on here today but I have tried to update as this is my last day on until after Christmas. Merry Chair-mas bros! <3


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