I think I have Amnesia... (A PewDiePie Fan-Fiction [May contain Horror])

Jessica Daniels wakes up in a strange room when a strange boy she has never met before runs in... what the hell happened last night?!


9. How did we get in Amnesia?

Jess' P.O.V

How come Pewdie or Cry aren't hungry? They must have found a kitchen in Amnesia or something.

"Ooohh, that rumble, oh she hungry, she pumped, oh I'm so pumped!" Piggeh said. "Are you sure you don't want to share a bed with me? Cos we're pumped together," Piggeh asked.

"Sorry, Piggeh, but you'll have to be satisfied with Mr Chair," I smiled. Piggeh's eyes slid to Mr Chair, and he put his arm over his shoulder. "Yeah, yeah, let's go Cry, Mr Chair," Piggeh said happily, while Mr Chair looked terrified and worried. Piggeh linked arms with them and dragged them into the next room. Mr Chair turned around just before the door closed and looked at Me, Pewdie and Stephano and gave us a pleading look. When the door was closed, me and Pewdie and Stephano laughed. Stephano walked over to the carpet.

"Well, goodnight you two," Stephano said in his french voice.

"Wait, don't you want to sleep on the bed?"

"No. Me, Mr Chair and Piggeh can turn into statue, object or animal form to sleep. Plus, it looks like you two need the bed more than I do." He looked at Pewdie on the last sentence like he was teasing him. Suddenly Stephano turned into his small statue form on the carpet. He turned silent. Everything turned silent. Me and Pewdie looked at each other. More silence.

"Urmmm, I like to sleep on the left side of the bed," I said to break the silence. Pewdie gave a nervous laugh, like he was being forced to talk to a stranger in a room. Well, really, he was talking to a stranger.

"Ok, I always sleep on the right side anyway," He replied. He walked round the other side of the dark, emerald, - slightly grey with age - bed. We both lay down and giggled nervously. If there were going to be lots of silences between us, then our conversation level will be zero. I decided to talk about how we got here, as I was hoping to solve how we got here. I've always liked solving puzzles.

"So, Pewdie, where were you before you came here?"

"Oh, well, I was playing Amnesia."

"Me too! Was it The Never Ending Room?"

"Yes! How far did you get?"

"I think I got to the end - I don't know, it was never ending - and then I got to the room that was like a study, then I got to Mr Chair in Chair mode, then I turned round and there was a Barrel behind me, then I ran to go back to the desk, then found I was surrounded. Then I ended up in that room on that bed," I explained. "What about you?"

"I was the same, I was playing it, and I got to the evil BARRELS!" He shouted their name, Stephano jumped a little height into the air in statue form, surprised. Me and Pewdie laughed at the same time. Pause.

"Well, goodnight," I smiled. I turned over and closed my eyes.

"Goodnight," Pewdie said, then he lay down.

Jess' Dream

I woke up on the floor, and straight away saw a Teleporting Naked Guy next to me. I stood up straight away. What is it with me and Teleporting Naked Guys? Do they fancy me or something? I turned around and heard a Bro growl. I turned to my left and saw a door. I grabbed  the handle and opened the door. Three doors in a square box room. I opened the one on my left and walked through it, and had complete deja vu of the previous room. I went for the room on my right first. Deja vu. Door in front of me. Deja vu. Door on my left again. The Bro was there, his back to me. He turned around to me, sort of looking happy, and rumbled, "THERE YOU ARE, CHEESE PUFF!" and walked his wierd walk towards me. I span round quickly and went through the first door in front of me. I went through that door and saw exactly the same. I kept on going, then had a flashback of my Barrel dream. Was this a follow up dream? Then I realised - again. Maybe I, maybe even Pewdie and Cry also, will never get to the end of Amnesia...

PewDiePie's P.O.V

For some strange reason I was dreaming about Cry and me and Piggeh all trapped in a room together and Piggeh was dangerously pumped...I did not want to find out what happened next. Piggeh was bounding towards Cry when I heard a scream which jerked me back into reality. It was Jess. She was scared and she had fell off the bed. Stephano turned to human form, surprised by the scream. "Jess, are you okay?"


"Oh, is someone unhappy?" Cry taunted. Him and Piggeh appeared at the door to the other bedroom. Piggeh came over and stood over her. "Would you like me to comfort you? We could go some where secret," Piggeh tried to seduce her. "No thanks. I might stay up for a while." She replied. Mr Chair ran in.

"Pewdie, seeing as Jess isn't going to sleep, can I sleep here tonight? Piggeh has a little...crush on me," He explained. "Sure," I replied.

"I'll just sit on the carpet here," Jess said. Stephano looked annoyed. "You can go in that bedroom now, Stephano, as there's an extra space now" Mr Chair said happily. Stephano obediently shuffled off with Cry and Piggeh, a scowl on his face.

"Will you be okay, Jess?" I asked.

"Yeah," She replied. "I'm not tired. Goodnight," She leant against the wall.

"Goodnight," I said, and closed my eyes, with Mr Chair on the other side of me.

Jess' P.O.V

The carpet is not soft, you can feel the hardness of the floor underneath. My dark hair fell over my face. I couldn't believe I had screamed out loud and woke everyone up. They were probably annoyed with me for disturbing them. I was feeling sick again, but I wasn't going to puke. I decided to get up and look around to take my mind off it. I opened the door we came through... and there was a barrel there, which turned into a man, with black trousers, a brown top, black hair and sunglasses. "We have you all now," it said in its deep voice. I shut the door quickly and put my back to it. I needed to warn the others in the other room before Pewdie and Mr Chair. I went to the door leading into the other bedroom, and a statue dressed as a knight was in front of the door. It was blocking my way to the others in the other bedroom. This was not good...

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