I think I have Amnesia... (A PewDiePie Fan-Fiction [May contain Horror])

Jessica Daniels wakes up in a strange room when a strange boy she has never met before runs in... what the hell happened last night?!


11. Accidental Kiss...

(A/N: How's it going bro's? The links are down below in Freaky Kiki's comment if you want to know what Jess looks like. Back to the story...)

Jess' P.O.V

I think that night was one of the best nights sleep I had, cuddled next to Pewdie. I think Cry was a little peeved with me for hitting him in the face (mask), and I expect they're all anoyed with me because I kept on waking them up and disturbing them, and could certainly tell Piggeh didn't mind, but that night, I didn't wake any of them up. No dreams about never getting to the end of Amnesia this time, just blackness. But throughout the whole night, I was comfortable.

PewDiePie's P.O.V

Jess looks so cute asleep. Her hair is long, dark chocolate brown past her chest, making a frame for her small face, still wearing her big dark framed glasses. In a trance, I breathed in her scent of her hair. Mm, coconut.

Stephano looks a little happy, a smile plastered on his minute face. Why is he smiling? Its almost like he wants me and Jess to be together.

Mr Chair looks happy enough, but every time Piggeh speaks (Yeah, Yeah) or makes a move towards him in his sleep (Piggeh Slide) Mr Chair moves very slightly in his form away from him.

I think I might go to sleep now, and as I close my eyes and settle down, Jess cuddles up to me and says "My sugarpuff."

Jess' P.O.V

I woke up and sat up in the bed in the morning, the sun shining on my face in the gap between the curtains of the window. With a nudge of my arm, I wake Pewdie, and he sits up in bed as well. "Good Morning," he says. He gets out of bed, his jeans and t-shirt a little crumpled. He smoothed them down and looked at me and smiled. I jumped out of bed as well and started to smooth out my clothes. I pull my cardigan, I straighten my tights, I let my shorts down a little (they went up in the night), I combed my hands through my hair, curling my ringlets around my finger after. I felt my glasses.

"I hope my glasses didn't get imprinted on my face," I joked.

"I hope they don't" He laughed.

I walked over to Stephano and nudged him, while Pewdie shook Cry's shoulder. "No Mum," was what came out of his mask. Me and Pewdie looked at each other and giggled quietly. Piggeh heard and turned to human form.

"Hey, is somebody happy?" He said, pleased.

"Just a joke, Piggeh," Pewdie said. Cry actually woke up then and got out of bed. Stephano woke up and so did Mr Chair.

"Good Morning!" Cry said noisily. "Where's breakfast?"

"Is there even any breakfast in this game?" Mr Chair smiled.

I decided to make a start. "So, shouldn't we get moving?"

I headed to the door where the barrel had been outside (I still hadn't told them about that) and opened the door. A bro was right at the end of the corridor. "THAT'S WHERE YOU'VE BEEN HIDING!" It growled. It walked its walk towards us. I shut the door abruptly. "We have to hide."

"Closet!" Stephano screamed. We all ran towards it and piled in, me standing next to Pewdie and Pewdie next to Cry, and Stephano squashed on the floor next to Piggeh, who seemed to enjoy standing in front of Cry. Me and Pewdie had to stand facing each other and Cry facing the opposite way to Pewdie. The Bro entered the room. Everyone held their breath. The bro sort of crooned for a bit (which sounded like Pewdie! Pewdie!) and left the room. We were silent for a minute when the Bro left the room. Then Pewdie said, "How do we get out of this wardrobe?"

"I don't know about you but I kind of like being hunched up together, tightly," Piggeh said cheekily.

Stephano thought he should get out first so he pushed out against Pewdie accidently, and he fell forward onto me, and our lips touched. We were kissing...




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