I think I have Amnesia... (A PewDiePie Fan-Fiction [May contain Horror])

Jessica Daniels wakes up in a strange room when a strange boy she has never met before runs in... what the hell happened last night?!


7. A dream, mostly about Barrels

Jess's P.O.V

I woke up on the floor on my front, and looking around I could see nothing. Blackness. I tried to get up, but I was flattened. I looked over my shoulder to see a Teleporting Naked Guy on top of me.

"UUGGHHH!" I shrieked, and it disappeared. Thank goodness I was able to get up now. There was complete blackness, but I saw a brown speck in my eyesight. I moved closer towards it, and saw it was a door. Then my world became enlightened in the dark.

"Jess?" Pewdie cried. Finally, I had found someone. "Then I heard more voices.


"Where are you? Oh yeah I'm pumped!"

I didn't have to guess who the last one was. I couldn't see Pewdie, Stephano, or Piggeh, but the closer I came to the door, the clearer their voices were. I opened the door and walked through it, not looking at what was on the other side of the door. I shut the door quickly and turned around to face the room. Barrels.

Barrels were centered all around me, as far as I could see. The room was huge, with a white background at the end of the room.

"Oh no," I exhaled. I started to run through the gaps around them, hoping to get to the white fade. But the more Barrels I ran past, the further away the white fade became. Then I realised. This dream was a sign that I would never reach the end, maybe even the end of Amnesia.


"Piggeh, can you turn into a snake to see if Jess is ok?"

"Yeah yeah!" Piggeh replied happily. "I'm a snake!" he cried, which transformed him into a snake. He slid through the hole to look, then came back and turned into a human. "Oh yeah, she fine, she breathing, she alive, she looking so pumped!" Piggeh replied.

Cry spoke up. "What did Jennifer land on, did she land on Pot? I hope she didn't,"

"Jennifer, move!" Pewdie ordered. Jennifer turned into a girl, dressed completely in black, with black hair, sitting on the spot she landed on. 

"No, I love you Pewdie! I'm much better for you than her! Kiss me, Pewdie!" She turned her lips into a pout.

"Oooohhh, you've got an admirer, Pewdie," Cry cooed.

"Jennifer, get off, you're too fat!" Pewdie shouted. Jennifer started to cry loudly. "I thought you loved me Pewdie!" Jennifer gulped.

"No I don't Jennifer!" A loud argument would attract attention. The Bro started to destroy the door, but it was a tough door so it would take some time.

"Pewdie, just hurry up!" Stephano shouted. He ran over to Jennifer, and pushed her off. "Pewdie, Jennifer was crushing Jessie-ca's foot. I think its broken."

"Everyone, here's the plan: Get Jess out of the wardrobe, give her laudanadanadum, then hopefully get past the Bro. Go!" Mr Chair said, pulling them all together. Pewdie and Cry pulled Jess out of the hole, Piggeh and Stephano looked for laudanadanadum while Mr Chair turned into Chair mode against the door, trying to stop the bro coming in, while Jennifer cried sitting next to the bed. Thankfully, Piggeh found some laudanadanadum and they quickly gave it to Jess.


"Whaaaaaa....." I stirred from my unconciousness, awake now. Pewdie was over me. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah." I looked down to my ankle, where I had felt pain before I was knocked out and saw that it was completely fine.

I looked at Cry, to see that he had placed his mask upside down to make me laugh. I chuckled.

"We had better get going, a Bro is at the door,"Pewdie said, as I looked to the door and saw Mr Chair in chair mode against the door. I got up and ran to the door, putting my weight against it. Pewdie and Cry did the same. Piggeh came up and joined in too. The door was splintering...

"LET GO!" Cry shouted. We all took our weight off the door, Mr Chair turning back into human form,  to see smoke and a Bro emerge. We ran to the other side of the room, waiting for the Bro to get us. Then Jennifer stood up and walked right in front of the Bro, not knowing that she was standing right in front of the Bro. "Don't leave me Pewdie!" Then the bro picked her up from behind. "YOU'RE MINE!" A growling voice said.

"Everybody, run to the door! Cry, put your mask back on the right way!" Piggeh exclaimed. All of us ran to the door.

"PEWDIE!" We heard from the room as we ran through the doorway. I just kept running, running, to the door at the end of the corridor...

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