My Love Story

Rain is falling hard and today is washed away. The sun is out the wind is strong. Another day will be here.


1. My Love Story

Rain is falling hard

And today is washed away

The sun is out

The wind is strong


Tomorrow will be here again

In another day

It will be hot

But the day will wash away


A new day is the next day

I will see you smile

The twinkle in your eye

The kiss upon your lips


I am strong

Yesterday brought it on

I am not blinded

I will not lose the love of my life


This man of mine is loving and kind

I love his taste and how sweet he is

He is to me kind and true

With a sky so blue


I thought life was free

Full of meadows and flowers in bloom

With gentle breeze blowing

Green grass under my feet


Mountain's high

Hills to run down

Birds flying overhead

You running to me


My love story

To you my love

Forever we will be

Just you and I

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