God Can

Maybe the sky is blue because God made it. He will always be there for you. Don't let God be a stranger.


1. God Can

Your soul God wants

Because he cares for you

If you don't care

Maybe you will become a believer


You he will always be there for

Just believe in God

God does not force anyone

He matter's to others


God will always be around

Maybe you don't understand him

Love can be yours through God

Don't let God be a stranger to you


God will never leave you

There are some souls that ae not free

The sky may be blue because of God

He created the sun so bright


Remember God can always reach you

But if you do not believe you can't reach him

A lie God can make a truth with

War can be stopped by God


God will never forsake you

To some he is not real

A Jew God is

A christian too


God is many things

He died on the cross for us

He gave his own son

What more do you want from him?

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