Dance With The Devil

Evana was perfect and beautiful in every way. Pale luminous skin, large liquid silver eyes and white-blonde curls tumbling down her back. She lived her life as an Angel. An Angel of pure light and goodness. But her entire world is flipped upside down by Damion, the fiery menacing Lord of the Underworld. Evana finds her life filled with pain, lies, and torture all created by her forbidden love with the evil and twisted Damion.


1. The Meeting

Evana sat on an ancient wooden bench, a miniscule and unimportant piece of abandoned furniture in comparison to the vastness of the forest around her. Snow dripped from frozen clouds above her as an icy breeze ruffled her hair. Evana trembled slightly as she waited for the inevitable to happen, the opening of Lucifers Tunnel. A wave of fear swept over Evana as she strained her ears trying to listen for a sugn of The Opening. A bird directly above her cawed loudly, making her jump, then it flew off, the rest of the flock following closely in pursuit as if they were frightened of something. The air between two of the oldest trees began to waver and ripple like water after dropping a pebble into it. Heat flooded through the ripple causing the snow on surround trees to melt and to fall onto the soaked ground. A huge crack startled Evana as the burning ripple turned tore into a huge gash, flames bleeding from the edges. Evana stared, mouth open in shock, unable to blink as a hooded figure sauntered through the opening. Agonised voices screamed, filling Evanas head. She felt the pain of a billion tortured souls as her own, a burn going deep through her veins into her pounding heart. She bit her lip, trying to stop a scream escaping her lips so as not to attract the attention of the stranger, but it quickly became unbearable. She threw her head back and screamed.

The figure didnt react to the sudden noise immediatly, he turned slowly to face the angel. Skin paler than he had ever seen before, with silver eyes, open wide with obvious fear and pain. Perfectly shaped nails clawed at the thick coat as she tried anything to stop the agony. The figure laughed darkly and with a single unspoken word deep inside of his twisted mind, the torture ceased. The angel crumpled to the snowy ground, breathing heavily, sparkling tears pouring from her eyes.

Evana woke up, rubbing her frozen hands over her eyes. She shook off the layer of snow that blanketed her body and tried to stand, but she was so cold she fell back to the ground. A few more tries using a nearby tree as support, Evana managed to stand, but just barely. She looked around, dazed, trying to remember where she was and why. It took her a few minutes bit she realised she was in the forbidden Hades Forest. And suddenly the memories of what had happened came flooding back to her. The argument with her parents about her 'sick obsession' with information about The Underworld, so she ran off to Hades Forest and waited for the annual opening of Lucifers Tunnel. She remembered it opening and a dark hooded figure coming through, with dark feathery wings on show. Angels have white wings, and keep them hidden most of the time, so the figure was obviously one of The Fallen. She remembered the agony that she felt being near him, and she remembered the pain stopping but then feeling as if she was suffocating. After that, all Evana remembered was waking up in the snow. Looking around, Evana found that the Opening had disapeared, which she thought was impossible as it always stays open for twenty-eight days. No more, no less. But it wasnt there. Scared and cold, Evana started to walk the ten miles back to the village, but stopped as she stood heard the crinkle of paper floating slowly to the ground. Evana couldnt see where it had come from but she leapt into the air using a small amount of her angel abilities to help her go higher than an average human would, and caught the paper in her hand. Falling slowly back to the ground the examined it. The paper was darkened and yellowed, the edges black and burnt. Written in a dark red ink that Evana decided not to look at too closely was the words '*many thanks for the extra power, my angel*' Evana shivered. She was terrified. She finnaly realised why the angels were forbidden from the forest. Their angel abilities must be of use to the people of the underworld. It dawned on her that she had aided a Fallen to enter Heaven, the only place where angels could live without interference from Humans. Evana felt tears roll down her cheeks.
'What have I done?' she whispered to herself. She realised that she had to warn the Elders of her mistakes, but it would take too long if she walked. She took a deep breath in, and broke the Angel Law again by using The Call. A low whistle, too low for anyone to pick up apart from whoever The Call was aimed at, was emitted from deep in Evanas chest. She knew she had suceeded when galloping hooves could be heard. Soon enough, a jet black horse appeared from the trees to her right. It trotted close to her and waited patiently for Evana to clamber on and tangle her fingers in it ebony mane for safety, then it cantered towards the village.
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