Dance With The Devil

Evana was perfect and beautiful in every way. Pale luminous skin, large liquid silver eyes and white-blonde curls tumbling down her back. She lived her life as an Angel. An Angel of pure light and goodness. But her entire world is flipped upside down by Damion, the fiery menacing Lord of the Underworld. Evana finds her life filled with pain, lies, and torture all created by her forbidden love with the evil and twisted Damion.


4. Odd Friendship

Evana, or Eve as Damion had now decided her name was, stared at her reflection in the silvery pool. She was terrified yet mesmerised by what she saw. She saw a girl with tanned skin and honey blonde curls. They framed her face like a lions mane and even though her hair was knotty, it was shiny and looked like it was styled to be that way. Her once bright blue eyes had darkened to a deep navy colour with strange flecks of green in them. She wore the same deep crimson tunic that fell to her knees that she left Heaven with but under the golden glow of sunlight it looked different, especially as she had decided not to wear the black fur lined leggings underneath it. She stood bare foot in the dew covered grass, looking fierce and very un-angel like. Eve even allowed herself to quickly let her wings appear, and saw that they had changed from the bright white they once were and were now a dull grey in colour.

'Like what you see?' chuckled the now familiar voice of Damion. Eve quickly drew in her wings and made them invisible once again before turning to face the Fallen Angel. She was filled with a foolish kind of bravery that came with fury and annoyance.

'Do you ever stop laughing?' she scowled at him, frowning even more when he began to laugh hysterically.

'Eve you're going to make an exellent demon one day. You'll do your master proud." He grinned happily as Eves face darkened.

"If by master you are reffering to your hellish imbecille of a master, you couldnt be more wrong. My loyalties lie with the God and Goddess and always will.'

'Them old farts? They were the ones who allowed your own father to cast you out of heaven into this undeveloped savage realm!"

Eve laughed, a piercing, loud laugh more like Damions laugh than her mothers quiet chuckle. 'Savage? How is this Realm savage? i can see why it might be compared to Heaven but in Hell you are much much worse."

Damion shook his head. "They tell you lies up there", he pointed briefly towards the sky. "Hells not as bad as they make out. Its not even underground like they try to tell you. Its just the same as Heaven but warmer and... more laid back, i guess" Damion gave what he hoped was an encouraging smile, and actually seemed to be a genuine nice person. Then Eve remembered.

"Sure it is," she muttered sarcastically. "So the other night at the tunnel with all the screams and that...that torture you put me through? The flames pouring out of the tunnel? You're trying to tell me thats heavenly?"

Damion rolled his eyes. "The flames were part of the spell that opens the tunnel. Jeez dont they teach you anything at school? And so, yeah, we keep the souls of some bad mortals and angels and yeah, they are in pain alot of the time but only the really bad ones! And you felt the pain because you were weak and too...angelic."

Eve shook as she remembered the pain she felt. Then she thought about what Damion had said. Maybe Hell wasnt that bad after all? Maybe it would be okay if she let herself Fall? Millions of question flew round her mind causing her to stumble on the way back to the barn, making Damion start snorting with laughter as he watched her. Eve felt a huge bubble of anger rise through her from inside her heart and she felt a rush of heat sizzle through her arms and tingle at her fingertips. She spun around faster than lightning and threw her hand into the air in the direction of Damion. He seemed to know what was coming and attempted to duck out of the way but Eve was too fast. She felt the tingle of raw power in her arms grow then suddenly it was gone, and she knew that in miliseconds that Damion would be hit by the electrical power she had created. She was right, and she happily watches Damion be hit by the power and be thrown backwards, landing in the shallow part of the lake. He squealed with disgusts as he tried to put his hands out to stop himself falling too far and he instead just plunged them into thick mud. Eve couldnt stop herself. She laughed until tears streamed down her face, laughing even harder when Damion tried to stand up but slipped and landed back in the mud. Damion looked up at her, a strange evil grin spreading across his face. Eve didnt notive the huge handful of mud flying towards her until it landed on her.

She stopped laughing as she examined the mess briefly, then threw a handful back, landing squarely on Damions face, making her laugh again. They had the mud war for about half an hour, and to anyone who may have been watching them would have thought they were good friends, just a couple of teenagers messing about not enemies of different Realms.

Eve laid once again in her straw bed, but feeling different than she usually did. she was tired after a long and confusing day. She had hung out with one of the stongest demons in Hell as if they were old friends, even though he was the same one who had laughed while he tortured her, making her feel as if she was slowly burning alive. While she tried to sleep in the dusty barn, she could hear the gentle swoop of large feathery wings flying around neighbouring fields, stopping now and again to shoot down towards the ground. when this happened, often a small squeal of terror from the captured animal could be heard, cut off suddenly by Damions stronged, fanged jaws. Eve started to realise; '*one day, this will be me.*' a shudder of horror went through her.
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