Dance With The Devil

Evana was perfect and beautiful in every way. Pale luminous skin, large liquid silver eyes and white-blonde curls tumbling down her back. She lived her life as an Angel. An Angel of pure light and goodness. But her entire world is flipped upside down by Damion, the fiery menacing Lord of the Underworld. Evana finds her life filled with pain, lies, and torture all created by her forbidden love with the evil and twisted Damion.


2. Fallen

'You did what?!' Philip roared in outrage as he heard his youngest daughters story. His wife, Jasmine, was layed across her bed, skin sickly pale with disease, worsened by worry and anxiety. Philips eldest daughter, Dehlia was sat on the lounge shaking her head while the middle daughter, Jade, stroked a snow white cat absentmindedly. Evana trembled at the volume of her fathers voice, and mentally noted that once again she was being weak by crying for what felt like the thousandth time that day.
'I should have known that the one to ruin everything would be you,' sighed Philip, rubbing his temples as if to ease a headache. 'You always have been too... adventurous for the job of being a princess, let alone a queen.' Evana lowered her head, sobbing.
'Well at least your actions have a positive side,' Philip murmered. Evana lifted her head, confused.
'Now you will be banished by the Elders to Earth- Or below and we wont have you getting in our way while we deal with your mess.' Evanas mouth fell open in shock, unable to process what her father had told her. Dehlia and Jade stared, but didnt interceed. Jasmine could be heard crying quietly but even she didnt dare disagree with Philip.
'Ill consult with the Elders, my dear Evana. But since i run the council, you WILL be banished. I suggest you pack your things and say goodbye toi your mother and sisters.' Philip stormed out of the room while the three sisters and their mother watched silently. Soon enough, everyones attention was back on Evana.
'*I will not cry. I refuse to cry*' She thought to herself. But as always she broke down, week and feeble. Nobody made a move to comfort her, or speak to her so Evana realised that she'd have to be strong. She kissed her mother on the cheek and hugged Dehlia, then Jade and left the room, knowing that that would be the last time she would ever see her mother and sisters again.

Evana stood in fur lined black leggings and a dark red tunic underneath a warm padded coat. A leather bag in her hand with a few possesions, she waited for the Elders answer even though she already knew her fate. A quiet, solemn nod from one of the Elders, an old woman with grey hair and a crumpled face, and two soldiers walked forwards and grabbed Evana by the shoulders. They opened up their huge feathery white wings and muttered a few magic words and Evana found herself flying through the air, faster than she had ever illegally practised herself. In just a few seconds, Evana could feel the immediate temperature change. As soon as she felt solid ground beneath her feet she pulled of her coat, trying to acclymatise to the new weather. Sun shone bright through wispy clouds and everything around her was different and alien. The grass that made up the field she was stood in was a lush, healthy green, the sky a vibrant blue and the ploughed patches of farmland were warm golden browns. Evana had never seen such a colourful place before, but she had heard about the Realm of Colour where everything was so bright it would blind any angel that became Fallen. The colour was bright, and even made Evanas eyes ache but she wasnt blinded by it. She found it quite breathtaking instead. But she also could feel her energy draining, being absorbed by the bright and beautiful atmosphere. She knew she needed to either go back to heaven, but she knew that was impossible-no Fallen Angel could rise again after entering the Realm of Colour, or she had to Fall even further, into Hell.

Evana shook her head, trying to save that kind of thinking for later. She knew she had to find food and shelter first. Looking around all she saw were field after field, sloping around huge hills. The only building she found was a run down barn, three fields across from her. Evana decides it was her safest option, and headed straight for it.

A few hours later, Evana had stretched her coat out over a pile of straw, and layed on it, wrapping the edges over her body for warmth. Her empty stomach growled as she had barely eaten that day, and sharp bits of straw poked her in the back and neck as she tried to get comfortable.

Evana woke up feeling tired and drained, worse then when she went to sleep. A deep twisting feeling deep in her stomach made her feel deathly ill and she found she was completly repulsed just by thinking of food, let alone trying to eat. But Evana knew that she desperatly needed to eat something so she headed towards a forest which she hoped would have bushes of berries or something similiar. She was pleasantly surprised when she realised it wasnt just a forest, it was an orchard of apple trees. She knew she would feel bad if she picked an apple from the tree as it was someone elses source of money and food so she picked up a couple of windfall apples instead, and forced herself to eat them.

The day went by slowly and it seemed a long time before it seemed a reasonable time to settle down in the straw and go to sleep. When the time finnaly did come, Evana had walked through most of the fields, and standing on top of the hill, she saw a village, a tiny dot in the distance, where she planned on heading too as soon as she got her strength back.

The next day, Evan felt completly different. The dark feeling grew worse, like thick black branches winding through her body. She struggled to stand, and found it even harder to get to the orchard. When she got there, she glared darkly at the dull, bruised apples on the grassy floor and stared longingly and the shiny, juicy onea high up in the trees.
'*Surely one or two apples wouldnt hurt?*' a sly little voice in her head planted suggestions in her head. 'No,' she said firmly aloud. 'I would have to use my Wings to reach them anyway.'
'*But we're not on heaven anymore*' the voice singsonged. '*Who's going to stop us?*' Evana swore she could hear this other, darker part of her laugh as she took a reluctant bite out of a windfall apple.

A week later, Evana found herself closer and closer to death, almost completly unable to move, she struggled towards the orchard grasping onto fences for support. Staring up at the vibrant red apples above her, she trembled with longing. 'Maybe one or two...? It couldnt hurt.' she thought. She stumbled as she stepped towards one of the trees and fell to the hard ground. Evana made her descision, and called out her Wings. The last of her energy surged out of her filling her with power and a short burst of energy. She could feel her skin shimmer and shoulder blades tingle as the feathery wings flung themselves from her back. Evana felt as if she had been sat cramped in a tiny box, limbs bent and squashed as if she was a contortionist, and now she was finnaly able to stretch out and move around. She flew up and plucked the shiniest red apple she could see and while she was still in the air, she tuck a huge bite. Almost instantly, Evana felt refreshed and re-vitalised. She had more energy and she could feel power running through her veins. Her appetite was restored and she knew she could eat a hundred, a thousand of these apples and still want more. For the first night since she had Fallen to Earth, Evana slept happily.
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