Dance With The Devil

Evana was perfect and beautiful in every way. Pale luminous skin, large liquid silver eyes and white-blonde curls tumbling down her back. She lived her life as an Angel. An Angel of pure light and goodness. But her entire world is flipped upside down by Damion, the fiery menacing Lord of the Underworld. Evana finds her life filled with pain, lies, and torture all created by her forbidden love with the evil and twisted Damion.


3. Damion

Evana woke up, feeling a full strength and completly happy, until she realised why she had woken up. Stood in the corner of the barn was Him. The dark hooded figure who left her in agony, the one who used her powers to guide him into heaven and now he was sat watching her as she slept. Evana had felt his presence unconscioisly, the unnerving prickle down her spine, an obvious sign she was being watched. She sat straight up, breathing hard, trying to see beneath the hood at the demon below. He seemed to realise that she was trying to see his face, so he helpfully tugged the hood off his face.

Underneath the heavy royal robes was a tall tanned man who looked about twenty years old - apart from his glowing yellow eyes full of age and wisdom. Short dark curls fell around the top of his head and his ears and his lips opened to reveal a perfect white smile. He wore simple modern Earth clothes: a plain black tee shirt and dark blue jeans with trainers.

"Mornin' Evana," he grinned at her. Evana just trembled and stared at him.
"Im Damion. And you're in my barn." Evana looked around her, terrified and still unable to speak. Damion rolled his eyes and flopped onto a bale of hay. Evana shied away from his sudden movements.

"Look Eve, I can call you Eve, cant I? Eve we obviously got off to a bad start. How about we pretend all that in Heaven didnt happen, okay?" he tossed her a dazzling smile showing dimples. Evana was shocked. A demon...with dimples? She was so astonished she forgot to be scared, and she stood up quickly and angrily.

"Who do you think you are?" she screeched. "Do you have any idea how much pain i was in? And now ive been banished by my own father! satanic moron!"

Damion raised his eyebrows, and started to clap.
"Well done there, Missy. That anger's stage one. Your insult vocabulary does need a little work though" He chuckled.

Evana ignored his comment about her vocabulary and demanded instead, "Stage one of what exactly?"

"Of Falling all the way. You know, to Hell where you can come hang with me and some others" He threw another huge grin Evanas way when he saw her paralyse with horror.

"You have to be joking me!" she screamed. "No way im going to become an evil twisted little slave of Lucifer!"

"Hey, hey. Ol' Lucie aint that bad once you get to meet him. And i think he'll like you, you might get to work with me once you've been trained."

Evana stared in disbelief. "Not.Happening."

Damion laughed loudly. "Thats exactly what i said, some hundred years ago when i was in this same position. And look at me now." This last bit was said with a dark lilt to his voice and he stormed off into the fields, leaving Evana breathless and shaken in her straw bedding.
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