The Diary of the Loveless

A slightly AU (but also somewhat realistic as will be explained later) story of Harry Styles in boarding school and the obstacles he overcomes to win the heart of the girl who just might hate him the most.


1. The Girl's Team


            “You’re doing great, girls! Five more minutes of lifting, then we’ll move on to shooting practice!” Cressly Barrow yelled out to her team.

            Her best friend, Chelsea Shapiro, groaned. “Cress! Why are we doing all this basic crap we all already know how to do?”

            Cressly turned and looked at her sharply. “To make sure we haven’t gotten rusty, of course. And to show the boys what we’ve got,” Cressly growled, referring to the new mandate saying both the boys’ and girls’ football teams had to practice together just as all the other teams did.

            “They aren’t even out here right now,” their goal keeper, Freya Townsend, pointed out.

            Cressly shrugged. “We don’t want to be working out our kinks in front of them, do we?” she argued.

            “Not if they’re hot,” right wing defender Annaleise Caputo giggled.

            “Ooh, I hope they are. We could use some new meat around here,” Freya agreed.

            “Yeah, ever since Jordie Hanson left last year, this school has been in dire need of some cute faces,” right wing midfielder, Harper King, added in.

            “Guys, we’re not out here to discuss the physical appearances of our male counterparts,” Cressly sighed. “On to goal shots, line up! Freya, I’ll be goalie the first run through or two so you can get a bit of practice in, then we’ll switch.”

            “Sounds good, Cap,” Freya nodded, getting in line with the rest of her team mates.

            Cressly walked into the goal and turned to face her team. They were a great group of girls, but if they didn’t get anyone else to sign up soon, they wouldn’t have any alternates when the season started.

            First was Freya, their goal keeper. Blonde hair kept in a ponytail, fierce brown eyes, and skill in the net that her team mates didn’t even come close to possessing. Since her seventh year she’d only missed the ball once. If it weren’t for her, the school wouldn’t have the winning streak it did for the last five years. It was a shame the school didn’t support sixth form education so they could keep her on just a little longer.

            She aimed for the upper left corner of the goal; that’s where Cressly watched her eyes focus. Her hand shot toward the corner and skillfully slapped the ball back toward Freya. Freya scowled; there was a reason Cressly was the captain, and she could go pro in any position easily, but Freya despised it when Cressly showed her up in her own position.

            Freya moved to the back of the line and Chelsea approached the ball, eyeing it and trying to figure out her shot. Chelsea was Cressly’s best friend and she knew just how well Cressly could read a player. It was the reason Cressly was the captain and it was the reason they all insisted she would play in the Women’s Priemership. Cressly was no pushover on the football field. Not like Chelsea, who would get so distracted trying to braid her long brown hair that her identical brown eyes would stray from the ball.

            Chelsea was good, but not as good as her friend. For a left wing midfielder, she was extremely predictable, and she knew that’s why Cressly constantly tried to come up with strategies that would prevent their opponents from noticing how weak the left side of their field was. She aimed, she shot, Cressly caught.

            Next up, Annaleise Caputo. Right wing defender and as tall as a giant. Her flaming red hair was too frizzy to leave down, so she too had it tied up at the nape of her neck. Most of the girls did. Her striking blue eyes focused right on Cressly, who smiled. Annaleise always tried to challenge Cressly head on. They had a running bet going on who would have more wins by the time they graduated at the end of the year. Cressly wasn’t a goal keeper by nature, she was center midfield most comfortably, but she still knew how to block a ball when she was in the net, so she was up on Annaleise by four.

            Ball blocked, next girl. Harper King, right wing midfield, blonde bob, green eyes, the shortest girl on the team.

            Anya Brown, center defender. Red head, brown eyes, blocked. Deena Forge, left wing defender. Brunette, hazel eyes, blocked. Beverly Gilmore, right wing forward, black hair, green eyes, blocked. Melena Hill, right center forward, hair dyed bubblegum pink and purple contacts—no one knew her real combination. Also blocked. Linda Bryson, left wing forward, black hair, blue eyes, blocked. Finally, there was just one girl left. Teri Madison, left center forward. She had always been out for Cressly’s position, and was the only girl to even come close to Cressly’s skill level. But she was also a heartless bitch with eyes like blue ice and hair bleached so white it had probably affected her brain. She hated Cressly, but idolized her at the same time. But Cressly wasn’t about to let this girl walk over her. That’s why she stared hard into Teri’s eyes and watched as the ice shifted back and forth from one side of the net to the other.

            She drew her leg back and plowed into the ball, following all the way through and knocking the ball into a course meant for the lower left corner of the goal. Cressly dove and smacked the ball hard, sending right into the middle of Teri’s shin—served her right for not wearing her guards and being properly prepared for practice. Teri glowered at Cressly before moving to the back of the line, a slight limp in her walk.

            Just as the girls readied for their second round with Cressly, loud, cantankerous voices began yelling at them.

            “Oi! What are you doing on our field right now?” a slow, monotonous voice shouted loudly.

            Cressly turned and found the boys’ football team standing and glaring angrily at them. The one that had spoken to her stood in front. He had dark curly hair that fell partially in front of his face and half covered his turquoise eyes. He held a standard black and white ball under his arm. He, along with the rest of his team, wore dark blue jerseys, black shorts, and the kind of cleats that were removable for those rainy day games. He also had the red band around his upper arm to announce his status as team captain. The same one that Cressly had around her arm.

            “We’re allowed to be here,” Cressly told him firmly.

            “Since when? It’s our time with the goals,” the captain said matter-of-factly.

            “No, actually, it’s not. If you weren’t aware, our teams are supposed to practice together now just like all the other teams. Some morale bs the Heads are putting on us. So you can kindly move on to that goal,” Cressly pointed at the goal opposite the one she stood in the middle of, “and let my team get warmed up.”

            The curly-haired captain raised his nose a bit as if looking down it at her and snubbing her. “What’s your name? I’d like to have a talk with the heads to see if you’re being honest or if you’re just saying it so you and your lackies can watch us lose our shirts.”

            Cressly pursed her lips, feeling the anger boiling up and trying not to snap. “For your information, I wouldn’t want to see you undressed if you were the only hope the human race had of surviving.”

            “Mate, let’s just go. I’ll talk to Matheson about it later,” another guy said, coming up and putting his hand on his captain’s shoulder. He had close cropped brown hair and warm brown eyes. He immediately struck Cressly as a reasonable guy, and he sent her a small, apologetic smile that she gladly returned.

            Cressly watched as thirteen admittedly attractive guys began walking toward the opposite end of the field. With her gaze still latched firmly onto the back of Curly’s head, she spoke to her team. “Looks like this’ll be an interesting season, girls. Now stay focused and let’s show them how much better we are.


A/N: Alright, I know this is short, but it's just an introductory chapter; chapters will be longer than this.

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