Dream or Reality?

Cathy is any ordinary girl you find at your school. She loves One Direction, but when she starts dreaming about them, will her dreams get in the way of reality?


3. A Day With Harry Styles

It's been 2 hours, and since I can't remember how I got to England,  Harry decided that he'd show me around. I was pretty excited. First we went to get some ice cream. Then we were walking down the streets, and walked into a little store. He bought a camera. It wasn't one of those expensive Nikon or Canon cameras. It was just a cheap little camera.  

"We're going to remember this day with this little thing" he said.

"What do you mean?"

"Everything we do, we're gonna be taking pictures of it. Hmmm, for example like right now when we're eating ice cream! I want to remember this. So say cheese!"

I gave Harry my biggest smile as he took a few pictures of me. I grabbed the camera from him and started taking pictures of him while he was still eating his ice cream.

"You're such a slow eater!" I teased him.

"Oh really?"

I swear his accent is going to be the death of me, I thought to myself. We then went to Big Ben, which was BEAUTIFUL. 

"That's soooo pretty." I said. 

I didn't hear a response so I looked to my side, and Harry was gone. Where was he? Did he leave me? Was I too boring?

I started to panic and walked around to try and see if Harry was anywhere near me. I then stopped worrying when I saw a beautiful head of soft curly brown hair. I knew it was Harry.

"Sorry! I went to find someone who could take a picture of us!" He said in his low english accent. 

"It's okay!" I said as I positioned myself next to Harry so the lady could take our picture.

"Say cheese!" she said.

We did as told, and thanked her when she was done. 

So the rest of the day was spent walking around london with Harry and taking a bunch of pictures. After a long day of walking, smiling, and laughing, we decided to go get some dinner. We went to TGI Friday's and we both ordered a cheeseburger. After that, we went to Pinkberry and got some frozen yogurt. We sat down to eat our yogurt and I don't know why but Harry was looking a bit nervous. What was he nervous for? 

We were eating our yogurt when suddenly he grabbed my hand and said

"Can I please ask you something?"

"Fire away!" I said jokingly.

"Would you........ would you like to be my girlfriend?" I was shocked that he asked me this. 


I was suddenly awakened, and was on my bed. Wait, what? I was just on an amazing date with Harry Styles! What happened?

"HURRY UP YOU'LL MISS THE BUS!" I heard my mom yelling.

Where was Harry?


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