My BFFL Love Story

One day when a big group of were at a party one of them starts liking another. Yeah, "starts"


1. going away surprise

Vanessa's P.O.V. 

O.M.G. I can't believe i am only leaving to Uruguay in two days. Ugh! Don't get me wrong i am excited, but i am leaving for a month because I have to take care of some family there. I am gonna miss my friends. First there's Miyasia and Lauren, then I am gonna miss Harry, Zayn, Niall, Liam, and Louis. All eight of us are best friends. We spend every day together. We are all neighbors so we can all hang out whenever we want to. Sometimes the girls and I watch the boys as they rehearse. They have a band. They call themselves "One Direction". Well, I am going to Lauren's house. We are meeting up there. Lauren wants to show us something. 

"That's weird," I said, "Why is it so dark in here?"

I turned on the light. (Click)


"O.....M.....G! WHAT THE HELL!!!" I screamed.

"We threw you a going away party." Harry said smiling.

"Oh! You guys are so sweat," I said, "I'm really gonna miss that."

"We're gonna miss you too." Zayn said.

Everyone went in for a hug. We were all smiling and crying at the same time. We have never been more then two weeks away from each other. It was hard for all of us.

" So, what are you going bring me, I mean us, back?" Louis asked

Every one started to laugh. 





















































































































































































































































































































































































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