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6. Your cute moment with Liam

I giggle at the fact that my best friend sent met  a letter as he usually does when he's on tour. He sends me lettler everytime he's away and just when Im about to give up on him sending a lettler I get one in the mail, I think its so sweet that he would do that. He writes them as he goes on and puts anything that has happen that day, this one he wrote quickly about you could tell by his hand writing he wrote it quick.

                        Dearest (Y/N),

I miss you so much and cant wait to see you im writing this quick because Im fixing to go on

stage, this is our last concert in New York, I'll be home soon and I miss you so much! New York

is great but like they say there's no place like home.

                                                               Love Liam.

I missed him so much too and I wish I could tell him, but he has his career and maybe even a girlfriend by now. He wouldnt be into me anyways im just his friend, I sat on the couch flipping the channels and about a half hour later my door-bell rings. I looked at the clock who in the world I thought to myself and " Who is it " I asked as I picked up my phone ready to call the cops, I peeped through the peep hole and saw no one. Well thats odd I said to myself, I took a deep breath and unlocked the door and looked in the hall and it was emtpy or so I thought. " (Y/N) " Someone shouted and jumped out of nowhere so  I yelled " Ahhhhhhhhh" and started to hit the person in front of me. " (Y/N) please stop hitting me " Someone said I know that voice and I looked up to see Liam! " LIAM " I shouted jumping on him and we both fell down as we laughed together " Nice to see you too " he said with a smile, as he pulled me closer " I missed you " he said " I missed you too " I said with a big smile. " Come on inside " I said as we both got up, I shut the door and turn off the t.v. as we walked in, " Soo how was the trip to New York " I asked him and sat down beside him on the couch. " Its was good it went well but I had you oh my mind " " Me " I asked as I blushed, " Yea you " he said with a smile and blushed too. " I got you something while I was away " Liam said and went and dug for a square blue box and headed it to me " What is it Liam " I asked with a smile " Just open it " He said and matched my smile, I open the box to find a heart-shaped charm bracelet " Oh Liam its beautiful thank you " I said and smiled has he open the heart which had mine and his picture on either side. " Liam " Thats all I could manage to get out, " I know its beautiful, a beautifuk bracelet for a beautiful girl " Liam said and helped me put it on. I smiled and sat back " So how's your girlfriend " I asked wishing he would say he didnt have one, Liam looked down " I dont have a girlfriend " he said, yes I thought to myself I still have a chance. " But there is this one girl I do like " he smiled and the look on his face I knew he loved her, great just my luck I thought. " Oh " I said  " Yea she pretty and sweet I love her really " He said and my heart sunk! " But I dont know how to tell her I love her "  well being the kind friend I am I told Liam I would help him tell her, " So call her and tell her by phone " I said not really wanting him to call her " Okay that sounds like a good idea " He smiled, he pulled out his phone and called the number and seconds later I feel my phone vibrate on the table " Hang Liam sorry got to take it, it might be important " I said and really not wanting to hear him tell this girl he loved her. I anwsered the phone " Hello" I kept looking at Liam, a big smile came across his lips " I love you " he said I heard him throught the speaker phone, then it hit me he was talking about me the whole time, I slowly brought my phone down from my ear while he did the same " Me " I asked as I blushed like crazy " Its always been you (Y/N) I love you " He said once more " I love you too " I said as I threw my arms around his neck and I kissed him softly,  he looked at me and smiled and kissd me passionately!

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