# Images- One Direction ;)


7. # 6 Harry~

You look up and see the boys on stage has you begin to walk up the chairs, Zayn starts singing little things while Liam turned around and held his hand out for you to take and you do so. You See that Niall waits for you to take his arm after Liam helped you up on stage, Niall takes you too Louis who holds out a chair thats in the middle of the stage for you to sit Louis smiles at you had Zayn comes to you and kisses your check he turns around and tells the fans to be very quite. This whole time your thinking to yourself where in the world to your boyfirend Harry Styles but he is now where to be found at the moment, you soon see Harry walking towards you and he kisses your nose and smiles ar you. He turns to the crowd " You guys know me and (Y/N) have been together for some time now and I knew she was gonna be my girlfriend even though she gave me and finght but I didnt give up and she finally gave me a change I love her with all my heart. " Harry said smiling, and I started to smile and blush " (Y/N) Im want pur love for eachother be forever and the only way I know how to make our love last is for you to marry me so babe what do you say ?? "  

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