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5. # 5 ~Liam~

You and Liam have been dating for eight months now and Liam is getting ready settle down but he's not sure if your ready. You know you love him but is he really the one for you, you thought that to yourself as you did your morning yoga, when all of a sudden you feel these hands wrap around your body and you smile with your eyes close because you know its Liam you know Liam's touch by the way he grips your body and holds you with care and love. " Baby I have to go and meet the boy down for lunch but I'll be back soon okay baby" he said " Okay babe I love you " You said and turned around and kissed him as he picked you up and kissed you back. " I love you more " he said and left. You finished your yoga and saw what time it was and took a shower and started to watch a new love story that you loved called " A Walk To Rememeber" You cried about it because one it was sweet and two sad. Liam soon comes home and you both eat and go to sleep, as you wake up the next morning you see a note on Liam's side of the bed and befor reading it you see Liam laided out rose peddles that shaped a heart, you read the note and it was from Liam and it said.

Baby I wanted to be there to see you wake up but I had to work but please follow these steps and you'll see what I have for you I love you! oxoxox

Step: Go to the old fast food place we love to eat at and wait on the bule slide.

So you went got dressed and headed for the bule slide, as you sit on the bule slide you hear a voice that sounds just like Louis's and it is Louis sliding down the slide. He stops and hands you a note from Liam, you look at him " Louis whats going on" you asked " SHHHH " he said and tired going back up the slide but falls off, you laugh and read the note after checking on Louis

Good baby you made it to the bule slide I love you and rememeber I got you something that I need you to follow these steps babe see you soon.

Step Two: Go to the market and look for a oddly shaped apple

You smiled and shooked your head and went the market and look over to the furits and see Harry dressed as an apple and smiled. He looked very odd in it too. He handed my a note from Liam and smiled and left waveing about at people.

Your going good babe and dont be made or upset just go with it. I love you

Step Three: Head over to the our spot we always get when we're in the mall and wait there.

you go to the mall sit down and wait, your thinking Liam or Niall might pop out but no a little girl taps you on the shoulder and gives you a note and giggles and runs the other way. You smile and read the note. You Zayn you picked the little girl up and hand her to his her to her mom and take a picture.

Baby I hope you like that little girl she looks like you when you were little. I love you.

Step Four: Go to the park and wait there someone will hand you something.

By now your ready to know what Liam is plainning but you head over that way anyways. When you get there you see Niall is waiting on you give you another note and he gave you hug and left.

Baby wait 10 mins after Niall leaves and then go home wear a nice dress and go back to the mall and wait at our spot. I love you!

Step Five: Wait at the mall

You leave 10 mins after and go home get dress fixed your hair and went to the mall. People where looking at you weird because you were the only one dressed up, you get to your table and wait there. Suddenly the lights dem and you hear Zayn and the boys asked everyone to stop and watch you as something beautiful is about to happen. You look at them like what because you didnt see Liam with them, when you hear Liam's voice and you turn around to see him on one knee with a big ring in a small box." Baby since the day we met I knew I loved you and soon after I knew I wanted to live the rest of my life with you! I put you through this crazy thing because I wanted to see if you would follow through with it and you did you didnt give up you kept going because you wanted to be me and now I want to be with you so would you please please make me the happiest man on earth and marry me?" You felt like you were as light as air and you smiled at the ground and looked into his eyes " Liam James Payne I love you and yes I will marry you baby " you said and then you hear the boys scream yes! and the crowed clapping and Liam picks you up and kisses you for the longest and holds you tight. You know you've found the right guy for you and you are going to spend the rest of your life with him.

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