# Images- One Direction ;)


3. # 3 ~Zayn~

It was 7 pm, you and Zayn are going on your third year of dating and Zayn wants to take you out and he hasnt told you anything about the date. You pull up to the park were the both of you fell onto eachother and kissed, you didnt mean to but you had tripped over something as you where jogging and Zayn happen to be there to break your fall. You looked at him in shocked that he had setup dinner under the tree where you kissed, you smile and as you both got out and see that the tree is lit with lights of many colors and pictures of the both of you when you became friends and then became more than friends. He even had your fav songs playing from his i-pod, you smiled at him and kissed him, you could feel his smile in the kiss, " I really hope you like it " He said as you part from his lips " What, of course I love it, its really sweet of you babe " you said as you sunggle up in his arms that are tight around your body, you even feel his heart beat matching your's beat to beat. It was like you were ment for each other, you loved him so much and he loved you. Zayn pulls the chair from her side of the table where you can sit and then he comes and sits in front of you, you start to look around at the pictures of you two and smile and think of all the times you where playing and having a good time, you close your eyes and wounder how great of a life you have together. " Babe this night is the day when you ran into me and we kissed, this night is about me and you no one else we're not even going to think about anyone else for the night but just of us, thats why you couldnt find your phone today I tooked it and hide it along with my phone, I dont want anything to keep us away from the love we have for each other tonight lets just set the mood to you and me baby " He saids as he kisses you on your hand that he now holds in his hand. " Baby you really took me phone" you giggle " Zayn, nothing is going to keep me from the man I love and adore, Im the luckiest girl in the world to have such a good boyfriend like you. No one and I mean no one could or ever will take your place Zayn " You looked into his eyes that are just filled with love that he holds for you and know that its for you and you alone. " Baby, lets change that" He saids with a grin " Change what my love " you said back at him matching his grin " Lets change from being a boyfriend and a girlfriend, be my wife the one that I will love and hold in sickness and in health. Be my wife where I can take care of you and you wouldnt have to take care yourself, be mine forever please marry me and be the one that everyone in the world will say thats Zayn's wife how wounderful is she, please please marry me " Zayn saids as he is on one knee holding out a big beautiful ring that as I love you spelled on the side of it. You began to feel tears streaming down your face and as Zayn is waiting on your answer you remember all the times you've shared together and the times where you've faught but none of that matter because you know that Zayn was the one for you, " I'd love too Zayn " you said as he puts the ring on your finger and wrap your arms around him and he kisses you. " Its about time you two start moveing things to the next leve I felt like I was getting old " you hear the voice of Louis and see him and the rest of the boys with your friends their girlfriends. Its perfect, you have the man of your dreams and the people you love around you, what more could you asked for ?

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