# Images- One Direction ;)


2. # 2 ~Louis~

You were at one of your best firend's new years party and it was going great you met alot of people and in enjoyed the party. She turned on the t.v and they started the count down and you really wanted a kiss at mid night, but you had no one to kiss, its was getting closer to time and you saw the couples in the room getting ready and laughing with the one they love. 20 19 18 the clock was getting closer to time and you really wanted a kiss, this guy sees you standing there and you see him. He comes over to you " So are you here with anyone" he asked with a british accent, " Umm no because if I was I would be getting ready for a kiss" you said and then looked down at the floor thinking why am I telling a stanger my promble. " Well if it makes you feel any better I dont have anyone to kiss either" he saids with a half smile, " Yea it lets me know im not the only one with bad breath" you said as you both laugh " Come on your breath cant be that bad " " Yea well tell that to the guys" 10 9 8 7 it was getting closer and closer for the clock to strike twelve " Come here" you hear the guy say you turn and look at him and walk towards him, he wraps you in his arms and holds you close. Why am I doing this I dont even know this guy you kept saying in your head 6 5 4 he touches your face with his hand and gets closer to you, 3 2 1 Your lips touch and right as they touch the fire works go off and everyone yells Happy New year! You cant help it but the both of you keep kissing and you enjoy it, you can feel each other smile, you can feel the spark between you and you both know that even though you dont know each other well you love each other and know your ment to be. As you part from your kiss you look into eyes " I hope I didnt catch you off guard " he saids " Nope, you just some how read my mind" you said as you sunggle into his arms, he smiles " Good because I want to get to know you better, if thats alright with you my love" " Yes, how about we meet some where and have lunch" " I'd love to but why not tonight, we can leave and do things together" " I'd like that very much" " Im Louis" " Im Kayla". You both had so much to talk about it was six in the morning befor you went to bed and even while trying to sleep you made love to each other.

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