# Images- One Direction ;)


1. # 1 ~ Harry~

You've had just about all you can take, you miss Harry so much and what him to be with you so bad but he's on tour and your stuck home again and its gonna be a long night. You finally go to sleep and when you wake up in the middle of the night and see rose peddles in a shape of a heart on the side where Harry sleeps, you smiled and see that it leads to a path of more and more rose peddles and candles that led out to the back yard where the pool is and as you follow you hear a voice singing " Moments" you smile and see Harry standing by the pool and looking so dang good and you run into his arms and he holds you tight and kisses you and spends you around " I miss you baby" Harry saids and kisses all over your face and neck. " I've missed you too" You say as your about to cry because he's home. " I love you baby" he saids " I love you so much too" you said and kissed him and feel him smile. Then the kisses get a little more than just a kiss but things heat up and you start feeling honry and you know Harry's wanting you, you should know what happens next. You wake up the next morning and you have the biggest smile on your face but then you say out loud " Was that a dreamed" " No baby it was real and him here with you that was one of the best nights I've ever had" Harry saids and you feel him putting his arm around you and kiss your neck and rub your body. You smile and know that he's there no matter what.

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