Nicole, or Nikki(she prefers), or Nick(as she is mostly know by)...does this make any sense? Okay well Nikki is my name, dancing is my game, and Nick is the player i created. So basically I'm a girl who dresses like a guy so i can dance because its not 'lady like' for a girl to do hip hop. Well I seem to have met Louis Tomlinson and he wont leave me alone, what does a famous pop star want with a girl that has a dark background? I guess you'll have to read and find out for yourself.
*comments are encouraged, and we are going to try and ,make a trailer for this story*
Love, Mo~Horan and TomoTime64


1. Welcome To Hell

i hated them, i utterekey despised them, for doing this to me. Ian and Leina, i didnt have the heart to call them mother and father, they didnt deserve to be viewed as my parents, so i called them my their first names.

I studied my refelection, staring at the horrific sight of my bare stomach. All the scars and burns that haunted me and killed me from the inside out. I slowly turned and looked at my back. Scars from finger nails racking down my once soft skin, cuts and bruises.

Hot tears rolled down my red cheeks. I extended my arms and looked at my cuts. I squeezed my eyes shut, tight and let out a shaky breathe. I brushed my twitching fingers through my light brown hair. I snatched the black hair tye from the dresser and put my har into a messy pony tail.

I looked back into the mirror, slamming my hands onto the dresser as support to my weight. I slowed down my breathing, trying to calm my aching heart. I stared into my icy blue eyes and saw fear and sadness.

Honestly, i felt like i was trapped in a dungeon or a tower, and i was the helpless princess.But theres a twist, there is no charming prince beckoning me to run away with him to a magical happy ending.


I studied the cracked walls and stained floor, the rusted mirror and fogged up window, the metal bed with ripped sheets and the broken dresser.

I hated life, i hated it so much. There is no point in me being here.

i stumbled over to my bed, plopping down, the bed creaking in response to my weight. I pushed a hand nder the mattress, searching for a certain item. I felt something stab against my fingers, making me yelp, and i knew i found it.

I grasped the gold metal and pulled it out. I looked into the shining blade and saw myself. I stole this small knife after Ian decided to cut my ankles. I looked down at the scars that were just above my feet, rage filling up my heart.

I dragged the blade across my wrist, warm blood spilling out and dripping onto the floor. I bit my lip hard so i wouldnt make a sound as i slowly cut into the scars i already had. But the ppain was to much to bare and i screeched in pain.

I gasped as i realized my mistake to soon, the door swung open a slammed against the wall. Paint dust flying through the air. Ian and Leina stood in the doorway, smirking.

Ian noticed the blood covering my wrist and the puddle on the floor. He looked back up at me, disgust in his face.

"Someones been a bad girl", he said in a deep voice that made my blood run cold, "looks like we have to teach you a leason." Now i could see the pure dark and evil take over his once light green eyes. I suddently felt very insecure, i was only in my blue bra and gray shorts from when i was looking at all the scars.

In on swift movement, Ian was on top of me, the knife in his hand, "You want to self harm?" he whispered in my ear,"Why would you want to do that?" 

"Because i live in hell!" I spat in his face. Lust filled up his eyes.

"Naughty, naughty", he clicked his tongue and shook his head. Ian slid down my body and i began to shake, i knew exactly what was going to happen to me.

I spent the rest of the night, being raped by my own father. My mother watching the whole thing, and abusing me with the knife if i didnt behave as they wished.

My wrist seemed to have stopped gushing a deep red, but the stinging pain never left.

The room was filled with my screams and forced moans, the sound of Ian being satisfied or frustrated, and Liena screaming and slapping me.

Welcome to hell.



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