Nicole, or Nikki(she prefers), or Nick(as she is mostly know by)...does this make any sense? Okay well Nikki is my name, dancing is my game, and Nick is the player i created. So basically I'm a girl who dresses like a guy so i can dance because its not 'lady like' for a girl to do hip hop. Well I seem to have met Louis Tomlinson and he wont leave me alone, what does a famous pop star want with a girl that has a dark background? I guess you'll have to read and find out for yourself.
*comments are encouraged, and we are going to try and ,make a trailer for this story*
Love, Mo~Horan and TomoTime64


2. Sneak Out

When I woke up the next morning I didn't feel like getting out of bed. I didn't feel like moving or breathing at all. All that I want to do is escape this living hell that I'm trapped in. Then I remember that tonight they are having a dance off at SMASH and I smile appears on my face. Dancing is pretty much all I have to live for even though it's not really me, it is Nick. Where I come from girls are prohibited to do hip-hop, but I needed a way to get through my pain and that is where Nick comes in.

I look beside me to see that my clock says it is 4:49 pm already. I was up pretty late last night, so that must be why I slept in. Tears begin to prick the corner of my eyes as the memories of last night flood in. I keep myself together though knowing that if I started crying Ian and Leina would come in and beat the shit out of me.

I go over to my dresser and open one of the drawers getting out my backpack with all my guy stuff. I'm not gonna have time to get ready here, so I hop out my window and start running down the streets. Finally I arrive in front of the club as the sun starts to dip into the horizon beckoning for the moon to rise. 

"Hey Nikki." Jim the bouncer greets me as I approach the building. 

"Hi Jim." I reply. 

"Any new scars I should be worried about?" He asks and I show him the one on my wrist from yesterday. 

"Just this one." I say. 

"Oh my God that's really deep." Jim says. 

"Well my parents helped me with that." I admit looking at the ground. 

"Come with me." He says taking my hand and going inside leading me into an empty storage room with a mirror in it. 

"You can get ready in here." Jim offers. 

"Thanks." I say setting my backpack on the ground. 

"Remember I will always be here if you need to get out of there." He says. 

"If they ever found out I sneak out I'd be in even more suffering you know that and for that reason I can't always come." I say. 

"I know well I'm gonna leave you see you on the dance floor Nick." Jim waves exiting the room.

I change into the baggy black sweatpants and sweatshirt over top of my tank top. I get out my make up putting it all over my skin just to make sure that there are no scars peaking out. I put my hair up into a bun adding in clips and pins so it will stay down with my paint splattered hat. I take out my black leather gloves over my fingers so no one questions my hands looking small and fragile like a girls. Finally I take out my signature mask and slide it on disguising my true identity as I now become Nick. 

I can hear the music pumping out in the club and the roar of people as they pile in to party. I look down at my watch and see that the dance off is starting in about two minutes. I walk out of the closet and make my way into the club going over to wear all the dancers are supposed to wait. Tonight there is six dancers including myself competing for a spot in the HEROS finals. The top two dancers who win the most competitions here at SMASH get a spot to go against other clubs. 

The first four dancers go and they are okay nothing really special they're just dancing for fun. Some people I see have natural talent, but they don't have the fire in there heart to be great dancers. Next thing I know my name is called out by the DJ and I step on the dancer floor waiting for a song to begin. The beginning of Just Lose It by Eminem starts and I smile behind my mask as I start dancing. Part of this song is actually kinda like this character, because it says 'boy shake that ass, woops I mean girl'. Since I'm you know actually a girl I'd say boy then realize I'm dressed like a guy and say girl.  

When I finish dancing I look up to see a boy with beautiful blue eyes and light brown hair staring at me. Wait a second back up the bus did I seriously just call some random guy that I don't know beautiful? As I walk away I push past him accidentally bumping into his shoulder and mumble sorry as I head back to the storage room. I realize that it is really late and have no time to change so I just grab my bag running out. 

I run down the sidewalk as fast as I can then when I'm not watching where I'm going I run into someone. I fall on the ground my mask coming off along with my hat as I smack on the asphalt. 

"Woah sorry dude." The guy says. "Wait your not a dude." 

"And your american accent sucks." I reply dusting myself off. 

"Well I thought girls here aren't supposed to do hip hop." He says standing up then extending his hand out to me. I look up and notice it was that guy that was staring at me inside the club. 

"They aren't why do you think I'm dressed like this smart one." I reply and he laughs wow his laugh is adorable- no Nikki stop. 

"I like your sass." He says. "How about I give you a ride home?" 

"Thanks, but I'm fine." I reply. 

"Come on it's the least I can do for knocking you over." He says. 

"I said no thanks." I repeat. 

"I'm not taking no for an anwser." He says then trys to pull me up by my wrist and I cry out in pain. He pulls my sleeve back examining the cut on it the moves the whole sleeve back looking at the scars up my arms. 

"Oh my God." He says and I run away as fast as I can until I get back home. I climb up the side of my building and once I get inside my window I see my Ian and Leina standing there. 

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