Nicole, or Nikki(she prefers), or Nick(as she is mostly know by)...does this make any sense? Okay well Nikki is my name, dancing is my game, and Nick is the player i created. So basically I'm a girl who dresses like a guy so i can dance because its not 'lady like' for a girl to do hip hop. Well I seem to have met Louis Tomlinson and he wont leave me alone, what does a famous pop star want with a girl that has a dark background? I guess you'll have to read and find out for yourself.
*comments are encouraged, and we are going to try and ,make a trailer for this story*
Love, Mo~Horan and TomoTime64


4. Jim

*2 Days Later*

My stomach grumbles and aches, my eyes are droopy, my head hurts and its becoming hard to breathe.

2 days. No food. No water. No light. Barely any sleep. How could they leave me in here? How could my pain possibly please them?

It seems like the only thing ive been doing in here is crying and slipping into utter madness. Ive basically given up all hope now, theres nothing to live for, i okay with the thougt of sufficating or starving in this closet.

All i had was dance, but that was close to nothing. I wasnt a perfesonal or anything. That was my only hope in life. Now its gone.

The door to the closet creaked open and i squinted my eyes to the burning light. It was Jim.

My eyes popped and i screamed a little, my voice cracking. I began talking but forgot about the tape. Jim leaned in and slowly peeled it off.

"Ow..", i winced, then looked back at Jim, "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE?!" i practically shouted, my voice was hoarse. Jim put a finger up to my lips, shushing me.

"You didnt show up when they anounced the winner for HEROS and i got worried, so i waited until the bitches left the house and i snuck in", Jim said softly, stroking my hair.

I lepted into Jims strong arms, holding him tight, sobbing into his chest.

"Im taking you away from here", Jim said.

"But-" I started but was cut of by JIm covering my mouth with his big hand.

"No youre coming with me", he demanded, i just nodded. Jim picked me up, and i rested my head in his chest, finally getting sleep.


The smell of pancakes tickled my nose as i opened my eyes. I looked arund to see i was tucked into a big bed with fluffy white pillows and blanket.

Jim came through the door, a plate of pancakes in hand. He passed it to me and sat down on the edge of the bed as i scarfed dow the hot food.

"How long were you in there?" Jim asked.

"Two days", i mumbled. He covered his face with his hands and layed next to me on the bed, i looked down at him. He was actually kindof cute. Light brown hair swepted up and chocolate puppy eyes. Hes got some muscle but not to much and a tattoo of a chinese symbol on his left bicep.

Hes wearing a black t-shirt and light gray baggy sweat pants. I can actualy see the top of his blue striped box-STOP enough with boys!

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