Nicole, or Nikki(she prefers), or Nick(as she is mostly know by)...does this make any sense? Okay well Nikki is my name, dancing is my game, and Nick is the player i created. So basically I'm a girl who dresses like a guy so i can dance because its not 'lady like' for a girl to do hip hop. Well I seem to have met Louis Tomlinson and he wont leave me alone, what does a famous pop star want with a girl that has a dark background? I guess you'll have to read and find out for yourself.
*comments are encouraged, and we are going to try and ,make a trailer for this story*
Love, Mo~Horan and TomoTime64


3. In The Closet

Well fuck.

"What is this?", Leina spats as she grabs my sweat pants.

"I believe theyre called pants", i smirk. oops.

Soon my cheek is red and im on the ground from being hit so hard.

"Dont talk to your mother that way!" Leina yells. Rage begins to fill my heart when she calls herself "mother". I stand up and point a finger at Leina.

"Mother? You dont deserve that title! No mother would do this to her own child. Or father!" i look back and forth at the two devils.

Ian winks at Leina as i begin to grow more and more frustrated. Leina winks back and they both grin at me.

Before i can say anything, im being held down on the floor by Ian as Leina runs out of the room. I kick and scream, trying to get the beast off of me but he wont budge.

Liena return with a roll of silver duct tape. She rips off a strips and bends down, placing the tape over my shreeching mouth and rubbing it down.

Next she slides over to my ankles, sticking them together. Then my wrists, making my cuts sting. I start screaming, but ts mufffled by the tape.

Ian and Leina laugh at me as hot tears roll down my cheeks. Ian scoopes me up in my arms, chuckling.

I squirm around but he digs his nails in my skin, making me stop. 

They take me to there bedroom and lead me to their closet in the corner. Leina opens the door wide as Ian practicly throws me in and i bang my head on the hard wood.

"Sweet dreams", Leina cooes, then shuts the door in a fit of giggles.

And thats where i spent the rest of my night, tied up and locked in a closet.


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