Nicole, or Nikki(she prefers), or Nick(as she is mostly know by)...does this make any sense? Okay well Nikki is my name, dancing is my game, and Nick is the player i created. So basically I'm a girl who dresses like a guy so i can dance because its not 'lady like' for a girl to do hip hop. Well I seem to have met Louis Tomlinson and he wont leave me alone, what does a famous pop star want with a girl that has a dark background? I guess you'll have to read and find out for yourself.
*comments are encouraged, and we are going to try and ,make a trailer for this story*
Love, Mo~Horan and TomoTime64


5. I'll Protect You

"So tell me something." Jim says. 

"What?" I ask. 

"If you were living in hell why didn't you just run away?" He asks. 

"Because I had no where to go and if I was just out on the streets trust me Ian and Leina would find some way to find me." I tell him. 

"Well you have me." Jim says and I smile. 

"Thanks your a really great friend." I reply. 

"Hey I'm not gonna let you stay there are you crazy you would have been dead by the end of the week. Plus I get quite lonely here all by myself this house is big for one person and your not a bother at all." He says. 

"So who did win HEROS?" I ask. 

"Oh right about that well the first person was Candy Man also know as Aaron then the other person what was there name oh yeah I think it was someone called Masquerade who happens to be Nick the best dancer I know."  Jim tells me. 

"Well shit I missed the announcements did they kick me out?" I ask. 

"Nah you just come today and check in with them." He informs me. 

"But I don't have my costume." I say. 

"Or do you?" Jim says and picks up my backpack. 

"Jim thanks so much your a life saver literally." I exclaim. 

"Alright just go change so we can go." He says and I nod then stand up having to grip on the bed railing. I stumble a bit as I walk towards the bathroom and Jim catches me having one hand on my stomach and the other on my back. I start to panic as the memories from before flash in my mind. 

"Don't touch me." I say shoving him away as the tears form in my eyes and I slide down sitting up against the wall. 

"I'm sorry Jim I didn't mean to snap at you." I say trying to contain the tears which I fail at as I sob into my hands. 

"Hey it's alright Nikki, but uh why did you do that?" Jim asks. 

"Ian." I simply reply. 

"What about him?" Jim asks sitting down next to me. 

"He raped me." I admit then Jim hugs me letting me cry into his chest. 

"Oh God Nikki I'm so sorry, but don't worry your not there anymore your safe with me." He says stroking my hair. 

"But what if they find me I don't want you to get hurt, because of me." I cry. 

"Don't worry I'll be like the big brother that you never had I will protect you." Jim says. 

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