A Day in The Life of a Superstar

This is a day in the life of a superstar (that I made up) named Sheirra Mongolas McCarty.


2. Worst Part of Me

I get in the limousine to set off to the next thing… contract signing. Honestly, I hate contract signing. It is the most boring thing you do as an international superstar. I was asked to star in the upcoming movie “Lies”. From what I know about it, it’s going to be a great movie but it is going to be rated ‘R’ or ‘PG’. As the limousine takes a turn my cell phone begins to ring. I sigh and say, “Hello Sheirra McCarty speaking, how may I help you?”

“Hello Mrs. McCarty. This is the Atlanta Georgia Police Department,” says an officer, “How are you today?”

“I’m fine thank you,” I say with irritation, “Is there a purpose for your call?”

“Yes actually a young man who I believe is your son was caught illegally selling drugs. And these were not just regular drugs; the drugs themselves were also illegal to even be placed in America.” The officer gave me a second to take it all in, “I’m sorry but there are many charges for a crime such as this, for adult or child.” Right when I think life has reached its worst… BOOM comes a worstier worst (don’t judge me; I know worstier is not a word).

I honestly do not know what to do. I'm devastated, paralyzed. I don’t have time to deal with this. Maybe I should cancel the tour. But on such a late notice?

“Either me or my husband will be there shortly” I say trying to hold back tears. I have been a bad mother. I call Drake right away and tell him everything.

“I’ll deal with this,” he says, “You go finish what you have to do, and keep your mind off of it.”

I decide to do what he says as the limousine rolls into the driveway of the movie “Lies” production/direction site. I walk into the building trying to forget what I just heard on the phone.

“Hi Mrs. McCarty! I’m glad you could be a part of this production. Here is the office where you can speak to the producer and director. This is also where you can fill out the contracts."


Well, I’m glad the contract signing is over! Now I have to finish packing my bags to take a flight to Vegas for the Gold tour. Maybe I could even get some rest before the flight. Instead of taking a limousine, I take a taxi home. As I step through the door of my house (more specifically; my mansion) I remember my son. I decide that I’m not going to get some rest. Instead, I’m going to finish packing, head to the police station, and then take my flight straight to Vegas.

I arrive at the police station just to find out that Drake is taking care of the situation and they are most likely almost or already home. I sigh with both irritation and relief. I get into my car and head back home to see my children and Drake before I leave. By the way, I have two daughters and one son. My two daughters are twins and they are 3 years old and my son is thirteen, almost fourteen. My daughters’ names are Divine and Angel, and my son’s name is Johnathan.

I open the door to my mansion and see Drake looking pale sitting alone on the couch. As soon as he sees me his face lights up. I sit beside him and he looks straight at me, deep into my eyes. Silence says a lot. He pulls me closer to him and touches my body. We start kissing with more intensity than we ever did in a long time. Our lips are locked and they don’t depart for what seems like eternity. Looks like I am going to get some rest because I fall asleep in his arms.

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