Never stop for anyone

Alison, Katie and Leslie are three best friends living in appartement together, since they moved for school. Of course, the little bitches of the school bully them. But one day, everything changes. Nobosy will hate on them anymore...


4. Today's the day

6 am. I'm already awake. We're going to meet One direction today! I couldn't wait. I took a long shower. When I got out, it was 6:30. I heard some voices coming from the small kitchen. Jess and Ali were up, drinking some coffees. I took one and sat with them. At 7 am, we decided to wake Katie up. We got quietly in the room. "It's time to get up in the morning" I started. "Got fresh McDonald breakfast for you" Jess continued. "We drove two miles to get, so you gotta get up and eat it" Ali sang. "SO YOU GOTTA GET UP' IT'S TIME TO GET UP" We started screaming. We haerd some people of the room next to us singing it too. Katie got up and laughed. We prepared ourselves. I decided to put my black hot pants and a purple shirt that showed my belly button piercing ( I curled my long brown hair. When we all met up in front of the door, we were all smiling. Jessica had a green shirt that contrasts perfectly with her hair, gathered in a ponytailthat fell over her shoulder, and grey shorts ( Ali had put her peach tank top and her white hot pants ( Her dark  brown hair were in a messy but beautiful bun, with a little peach bow. Finally, Katie had her striped top with yellow hot pants ( and had let her blonde hair free. We got to the meeting in the hall. A lot of girls were there, all prettier than me. We all got in a big red bus, as Louis calls them, and we headed to the studio. Everybody was exited. When we got out of the bus, Paul called some girls apart. "Jessica Dery, Leslie St. Thomas, Rose Bellemare, Hannah Thompson, Alyssa Smith, Kristen White, Katheryn Clarks, Miley Scott, Mariah Nelson and Gabriella Collins, follow me please" he said. Jessica and I looked at each others, hugged Katie and Ali and joined the other girls. we got into a room. Rose was staring at us, then when she realized we noticed it, she turned around and continued walking. She looked to have troubles with her high heels. When we arrived in the room, we heard voices. Those voices that I could recognize anywhere. I looked at Jessica and smiled. We were in the same room as them!!

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