Never stop for anyone

Alison, Katie and Leslie are three best friends living in appartement together, since they moved for school. Of course, the little bitches of the school bully them. But one day, everything changes. Nobosy will hate on them anymore...


2. Special mail

"Girls we got a message!" I heard. I came running in the living room. "Open it, open it!" I screamed as Katie came next to me. We all read it silently.

'Hi girls!

As you know, today was the day we were choosing the winners of our 1DVideo contest and we are happy to see that we had a lot of participation.

Unfortunately, we are sad to tell you that you're going to get a lot of hate, because you girls won this contest and are in the 30 final participants!'

I stopped reading and looked at Katie. She turned to face me. "OH MY GOD!!!!" we all screamed together. We looked at the dates. Next week. We had an hotel that was reserved just for us, the winners. We had nothing to pay and they had joined our plane tickets, since we come from Canada. We prepared our things, screaming and singing songs. It was the best thing I've ver learned of my life.

~next day~

We were sitting at our table eating lunch when we saw Rose and her crew coming to us. "Hey losers! Guess what? I've been taken for the video! Jealous much?" she said. "Congrats" See you there then" Ali said. "Oh, sorry to learn... wait WHAT?!" she screamed. "Yeah you heard well. We had ben choose too" I said, smiling. She sighed bitchly and turned around. But she didn't see the boys behind her, so she hit him. Her plate fell all over her shirt and her withe pants, staining her blonde hair of tomato sauce. We held a laugh. She screamed, looked at us and leaved the cafeteria, almost crying. Welaughed and continued eating. I'm not a bad person, but that was the best thing that ever happened to her. And I'm sure everybody in this school would agree.

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