Never stop for anyone

Alison, Katie and Leslie are three best friends living in appartement together, since they moved for school. Of course, the little bitches of the school bully them. But one day, everything changes. Nobosy will hate on them anymore...


1. Now or never

"Here we go" I said as I clicked on the 'send' button. "And now?" Katie asked. "We wait" I aswered. "We still have two days to wait, Kat" Alison added. "It will be long!" Katie complained. I nodded. I looked at the page. The chances were so little. We were 3 on maybe millions of girls that tried it. It was really a dream for us to meet them. And doing a video that everybody will see, it was so crazy. Maybe after that, those girls would stop to bully us, since we'll be most popular than them! But nothing's done. We had to wait. Two long and painful days. "Let's sleep, tomorrow we have a big day" Ali finally said. We all got into our beds. I didn't sleep much. I tried to imagine what I would do if ever I meet them. Probably trying not to freak out.

~next day~

We walked to school. When we arrived, we saw Rose with her little bitches group. "Hi girls" she screamed. We ignored her and continued our way. "I heard that you were trying yourselves to the 1DVideo contest. I hope you know you have no chances. They will never take Fatties like you!" she said as loud as possible, to be sure that people everywhere heard. "Rose, just shut the fuck up" I said. We walked away as she laughed. I was so tired of those girls.

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