Never stop for anyone

Alison, Katie and Leslie are three best friends living in appartement together, since they moved for school. Of course, the little bitches of the school bully them. But one day, everything changes. Nobosy will hate on them anymore...


3. Greetings

Today's the day. We did the last check up before closing the door for a week. I locked the door. We took a taxi to get to the airport. We gave our tickets to the girl. We were so exited. When we got in the plane, Rose and another girl of her crew were already there. We ignored them and sat at the back. We listened to One direction's songs all the way to London. 7 hours of plane, that's pretty long. When we finally arrived, I woke Katie up and we got in the hall. We grabbed our bags and suitcases and followed the flux of people. We saw a man all in black, holding a card saying :

'-Alison Brassard

-Katie Robert

-Leslie St. Thomas'

We looked at each others and got to the man. "Hi, you're the girls from the contest?" he asked. We nodded and followed him out of the hotel. "It's Paul" I mouthed to the girls. They nodded and we giggled. We got into a bus and Paul told us we were waiting for three other girls. We then saw a girl that looked younger than us get into the bus. She was maybe 16 years old, as we were 18. She had long ginger hair, and beautiful blue eyex, like mines. She sat next to us and started a conversation. "Hi! I'm Jessica!" she said happily. "I'm Alison, and this is Leslie and Katie" Ali said. "Nice to meet you! I'm sorry, i'm very exited, that's why I always have that stupid smile" she said. We laughed and talked with her. She comes from United States. We were talking about school when Rose came in the bus. She looked at us, then at Jessica, then sat in the back of the bus. The security boys sat just behind us and we leaved. "What is her problem?" Jessica asked as Rose was staring at us bitchly. "She's not worth it, don't worry" I answered. We were so exited that we talked with the guards! They looked amused by the fact we talked to them. When the bus stopped, we screamed. We got out, took our suitcases and the security told us that it was 4 by room, so we decided to take a room with Jessica. They told us to be ready at 8 am tomorrow and they gave us the keys. We got in our room and I chose to be with Jess in the room. We stayed up until 10 pm, then decided to sleep to be okay for the next day.

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