my life with you. (Harry Styles love story)

The day my parents went missing was the worst day of my life. my abusive brother became incharge of me. Since that day i was afraid to lose my inosence because my brother threatened me to ruin me. The day he decided to rape me i managed to escape, and ran away to a secret place where i thought no one knew about. Until i saw a beautiful tall, brown haired boy sitting on the bench near a tree in the shade... Read More To Find Out!!


3. More Than This.

Maray's P.O.V

 "hi, im Harry...Styles"

WHAT harry freaking styles is standing right infront of me. I cant really see his face it was kind of dark here except for a light coming from the moon and stars. " oh well i- what are you doing here?" i said nervously. "well me and the lads got into a little fight and i saw a pathway and it let me through here...what about you" should i tell him? i mean i bearly met him...i have to let this out. "uhm well you see my parents have been missing when they went on their anniversary and my abusive brother keeps blaming me that i had killed them but i didnt..i actually don't know if they're alive or not. but my brother hits me with his belt and has been punching me for no certain reasons, he comes home with diffrent girls wich is digusting so when i got the chance i ran away so here i am now" i said sobbing at this moment. " Im so sorry love, where are you planning on staying" he said i actually didnt know where to go. i couldn't go to angela's house she was on vacation with her family. "I don't know" i finally said. " Well you can come to mine and the lads flat until you find where to stay." he said. " Thank you, by the way what were you singing?" i said to start up a conversation. " More than this from our album up all night by the way do you know who we are?" "actually yes,im a huge fan" i said," well thats great..come on we should get going its getting cold" he was right i could already feel the cold fresh air hitting my face."yeah,i guess" he took of his coat and wraped it around me to keep me warm."Thank you for this," i said looking down. "No problem love im glad i could help." and with that we left.


Will things get better or worse for maray? Will harry fall for her? Are maray's parents alive or dead? Keep on reading. c: Updating later.



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