my life with you. (Harry Styles love story)

The day my parents went missing was the worst day of my life. my abusive brother became incharge of me. Since that day i was afraid to lose my inosence because my brother threatened me to ruin me. The day he decided to rape me i managed to escape, and ran away to a secret place where i thought no one knew about. Until i saw a beautiful tall, brown haired boy sitting on the bench near a tree in the shade... Read More To Find Out!!


2. i have to get out of here

Maray's POV- I was in my bedroom finishing homework. when i heard loud stomping comming up the stairs, i started to shake and the door slammed open so hard the door knob made a hole in the wall. he walked towards me and pulled my arm, his grip felt as if he made my arm an inch longer. i fell to the ground i stared up at him in fear. he started to take off his belt and screamed at me "you stupid bitch. you killed mom and dad, so now your gonna get what you deserve!" from that moment i felt like electricity ran through me and responed back "i didnt kill them they went missing and we dont know if there dead!" i sobbed. the bell rang and my brother took a glance down the stairs and the last thing he said to me was "your lucky this time, but when i come bac-" -bell rang- "ugh!" he groaned. he headed down stairs and fixed him self up. i heard a girl voice and assume one of his one night stand. i heard his bedroom door close with lock. i quickly thought of the plan i have plan for like months. i grabbed my backpack slipped on my vans and opened my window, put one leg through the window and looked back to my room when i noticed the up all night CD. i ran back and took my one direction CD, i put my whole body out of the window i just needed my right leg to get out of my room, when i saw Austin at the door. i paniked and stumbled down on a bushy bush so my fall wasnt that bad. i saw that Austin was running through the front door with a knife this time! i pulled myself up and ran on the sidewalk and tripped, i scrapped my hands that stung like a b***h, and i hurt my knee pretty bad and i limped while running. still far from Austin, so i thought since i never looked back. all i felt was a strong tug on my hair which made me fall once again. i tried getting up when he grapped me by the waist and carried me on his shoulder thinking he is all tough now that he has captured me. as i kicked and screamed i had hit him in his crotch. that caused him to drop me. he kneed down. i ran for it, i took a glance back and he layed thier in pain. just what i wanted. i ran to this park where me and Angela found when my problems began to start. i thought we only knew about this place but i heard someone singing, i saw a boy walking back and forth. he had brown curly hair. he was tall had an amazing voice,  he had a raspy voice. for a minute my world stoped around me, i actually forgot about my brother chasing me and my parents missing. it sounded kinda sexy but also cute i was scared to walk towards him. i began to walk slowly and thinking of what to say to him. i was like about 6 inches away when i tapped his shoulder. he turned and gave me a smile, i looked into his green emerald eyes. i handed him my hand and said " hi, im Maray" with a shy smile. "hi, im Harry ... Styles"

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