my life with you. (Harry Styles love story)

The day my parents went missing was the worst day of my life. my abusive brother became incharge of me. Since that day i was afraid to lose my inosence because my brother threatened me to ruin me. The day he decided to rape me i managed to escape, and ran away to a secret place where i thought no one knew about. Until i saw a beautiful tall, brown haired boy sitting on the bench near a tree in the shade... Read More To Find Out!!


1. introduction .

My name is Maray, alot of people pronounce my name wrong and spell it wrong (Mah-ray). Anyway im 17 live in a small town in england, my parents went out of town for there anniversary and went missing ever since. From that day on my older brother Austin he was 21,  started drinking he has threatened me of raping me. He hasnt done it yet , but im scared of the day it does happen. He only hits me, not with his hand , but with his belt. He leaves me brusies where no one can see because he is afraid to go to jail. I have only shown my bruises to my best friend Angela. i trust her with my life because we have known each other since we were babies. Angela is a year older than me so she is 18, we are nieghbors. I sometimes run away to her house and she conforts me, we have crying sessions with ice cream but that doesnt heal my wounds. they are like scars that will always be in my mind...

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