Only You

Savannah has had a rough couple months...... She sees a boy not paying attention to the cemi coming towards him, Does he die or does she save him and gets hurt herself????


7. Is She Awake? - Harry's P.O.V.

Harry's P.O.V.

It's been a week and Savannah still hasn't woken up. I'm starting to think that she might never wake up and that she will just be in a coma forever. I hope not. I really hope she wakes up soon. On the night of the 7th day, we all fall asleep in our chairs around her bed. We woke up the next morning at around 9 and just did nothing. At around 11, we took a nap. Everyone else was asleep and I was nodding off when I heard stirring. I opened my eyes. Savannah was waking up!! I shook all the boys awake. "Guys, she's waking up!" I say. We all get up and wait around her bed. She opens her eyes, they're a beautiful blue. She looks around and stares at all of us. "Hi." I say. "Hi." she says back. I smile

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