Only You

Savannah has had a rough couple months...... She sees a boy not paying attention to the cemi coming towards him, Does he die or does she save him and gets hurt herself????


2. Hospital - Harry's P.O.V.

Harry's P.O.V

I was crossing the road today to go home, listening to Ed Sheeran and all of a sudden, I felt this shove and a girl pushes me down. But then I see a cemi and realize, that she just saved my life. The cemi tried to slow down and did, but still hit the girl. She hits the ground and her eyes flutter and close. The cemi driver gets out. "Oh, I'm so sorry! I saw her push you out of the way, but she didn't get out of the way in time." He says to me. "It's ok, I'm going to call 911." I reply. I call them and tell them what happened. They tell me that they are on their way and hang up. I walk over to the girl. She looks like my age. She has long red hair and a beautiful face. She has 4 cuts on her face, from them, are bleeding. I don't have any napkins, so I take my blue shirt off and start wiping her face clean of blood. Then I look at my right white Converse. There is blood all over the front of it. I look at the pavement, there is a large pool of blood collecting around her head. I take my shirt and put it under her head. It is completely soaked all the way through in only 10 minutes. Then thankfully the EMT's got there and then put her on a gurney and then looked at me. "Excuse me son, do you know this young lady? Are you her boyfriend,brother,cousin,friend?" I thought to myself for a second. "They will let me see her if I'm her boyfriend or brother. I'm going with boyfriend cause I really don't look like her brother." "I'm her boyfriend sir." I say to them. "Well, you should get in here with us then son." they reply. I get into the ambulance and we rush to the hospital. They rush her away and I sit in the waiting room for about 8 hours. Then the doctor comes to me. "You can see her now son." he says to me. I follow him into her room. The doctor leaves, allowing me to be alone with her. I sit in the chair next to her bed and just stared at her. She was sleeping soundly and not moving. She was just......still. It kinda scared me. I got up and went to the nurses station. "Why is the girl that was just brought in, why is she sleeping so soundly, like she's not even moving at all!?" "Oh love, that young lady is in a coma. That's why she isn't moving." My whole body froze. "S....She's in a coma?" I say to the nurse. "Yes, she hit the pavement so hard, she became unconsciousness." she says back. "What's her name?" I ask. "Savannah Schneider. She has been born and raised right here in Holmes Chapel." she replies. I thank the nurse and go back to Savannah's room. I sit down in the chair and hold her hand. "This beautiful girl saved my life. If she hadn't been there, I would either be dead or in a coma, instead of her." I thought to myself. I decided to text the boys and ask them to come to the hospital. They told me that they were on their way. I waited for them, just staring at Savannah and holding her hand.

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