Only You

Savannah has had a rough couple months...... She sees a boy not paying attention to the cemi coming towards him, Does he die or does she save him and gets hurt herself????


3. Harry's OK, but she's not. - Louis's P.O.V.

Louis's  P.O.V

We were on our way to the hospital after Harry texted us saying that he had been in a car accident and for us to hurry. We ran to the van and sped the whole way there. I ran up to the first nurse I saw. "Where is Harry Styles staying?" I ask her. "Oh, he's in room 215 hun." "Thank-you!!" I reply as I run for the stairs. I found his room and opened the door. I saw a red-haired girl in a coma with a brown curly haired boy holding her hand. Whoops, wrong room. I turn to leave and hear someone call my name. I turn. The boy was Harry! "Harold! You told us you were in a car accident! Why are you in here?" I say to him. He gets up and walks over to me. "Well, this girl here, she saved me from being in a car accident Lou." he say. My jaw drops slightly. He tells me the whole story. When he was done, I was speechless. This girl had saved Harry's life and now she was in a coma cause of it! Just then the other boys walked in. They just looked at us and then the girl. Liam cleared his throat and says "Why are we in here guys? And what happened to her?


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