The Truth Behind the Lies

A story my friend and I are writing! Charlie (Charlotte) Walker and Shane Carter may seem like typical 15 year olds, but there's much more going on between the lines. Charlie and Shane have been best friends since preschool, but when Charlie discovers a secret that Shane has been hiding, it leads to some surprising events.


6. Where's Charlie?!

I awoke with my head pounding and my body aching. I lifted my head and slowly looked around to make sure that Ian wasn't there. When I saw that he wasn't, I stood up, ignoring the pain that shot through me, and limped up the stairs to fix myself up. Again.

I began treating the usual wounds. Everything from cuts, burns, and bruises. While I took care of that, my mind wandered to Charlie and Damen. I wondered how they were doing. Were they getting along? Were they becoming friends? And what if they weren't? What if this meeting was making things worse? I finished up with the first aid kit and looked at the clock. It was six thirty. Charlie would probably be home by now. I decided that I should go see her, find out how things went.

I jumped out my window and into the tree opposite. Going down this tree was easy for me because i went down it every afternoon after my daily encounter with my father. Once I was at the bottom of the tree, I made my way towards Charlie's house.

When I reached her house, which only took about a five minute walk, her mother answered the door.

"Hello Mrs. Walker. Is Charlie home yet?" I said politely with a kind smile.

"I'm sorry Shane but I haven't heard from her since this morning. But if you see her, may you please tell her to head home for dinner?"

"Yeah, of course. Thank you for the help."

I turned and walked away while grabbing my phone out of my pocket. I headed towards the park that was a couple of blocks from my house. It was completely empty so I sat on one of the swings. Dialing Charlie's number, I started swinging myself. Oddly enough, it went straight to voicemail. She must have turned it off so I couldn't annoy her. Time to call Damen then.

Damen picked up on the second ring.

"What's up Shane?"

"Hey Damen. Is Charlie with you by any chance? She needs to head back home for dinner. I tried her cell but she didn't answer."

"Sorry, but I haven't seen Charlie since school ended."

"What?" I was beginning to get worried.

"Yeah, we were going to hang out like you had asked, but she found your notebook in her bag and said she had to return it to you. Last I saw her she was on her way to your place to drop it off."

I went quiet. Charlie had been at my house.

"Are you okay, Shane?"

I have to find Charlie.

"Damen, I've got to go. Call the police immediately. Charlie's in trouble!"

I hung up before he could reply.

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