The Truth Behind the Lies

A story my friend and I are writing! Charlie (Charlotte) Walker and Shane Carter may seem like typical 15 year olds, but there's much more going on between the lines. Charlie and Shane have been best friends since preschool, but when Charlie discovers a secret that Shane has been hiding, it leads to some surprising events.


2. The Pain After the Smile

I wish Charlie could understand, but she can't know the real reason I cancelled our study date again. Most times we study together at her place, but today she wanted it to be at mine. Charlie has never been to my house. That's because I never let her. And I was about to deal with the reason, like I do everyday.

I walked through the front door as quietly as possible. When I stepped into it, the overwhelming scent of cigarette smoke hit me with the force of a tsunami. I began to make my way up the stairs, but a slurred voice behind me stopped me.

"Where do you think you're going, boy?"

I turned around and looked into the cruel face of my father. His eyes were bloodshot, and I could smell the alcohol on his breath as he spoke. At that point I knew not to say anything. It wouldn't matter either way, the result would be the same. So I just stood there and waited for the same thing that happens everyday.

And it happened with more force than usual.

He roughly grabbed my arm and threw me into the nearest wall, which my head hit first. My vision got blurry for a moment, but I held my ground. Otherwise he would make it worse on me. He slammed his fist into my stomach, causing me to lose all air in my lungs. I stood there, keeled over in pain and trying to get my breath back, but that wasn't the end of it. He threw more punches my way, none of which I was able to dodge. And for his final touch, he grabbed my wrist and lit his lighter. My wrist burned as if he was cutting it off, bit by bit. The pain was so excruciating and unbearable that I finally just passed out, hearing the sound of my father laughing before I lost touch with my senses.

When I came to I was still lying on the floor. I looked towards the couch, and saw my dad lying there in a deep sleep. Finally. I got up and made my way upstairs to my room. I locked the door behind me and barricaded it with whatever I could find, not including my bed.

I grabbed the first aid kit that I hid under my bed, and began tending to my wounds. The burn took a lot longer and I used up most of the bandage that I had left, but I didn't have very much to begin with.

You see, my mother died a few years ago. Contrary to what the police say, it wasn't suicide. My mother had been murdered. By the very man passed out on the couch downstairs.

But nobody believes a kid.

So I have been living with this everyday since she died. And it's because of him that I can't let Charlie come over. No one knows about what happens to me after school, and that's because of what happened last time I told someone. When I was nine years old, I ran away from this house, trying to escape the pain that he put me through.

I ran to the nearest neighbor, hoping that they could help me. I told them everything that happened, but HE made it there before they could do anything. They told him what I had told them, and he just laughed. He made up this whole story about him taking away my gaming system for misbehaving, and how I was just angry and trying to get back at him. When we got back to the house, he filled up the bath tub and stuck my head in it until just before I passed out. He told me he would do far worse to me if I ever told anyone about him.

I just want someone to help me. I want someone to see behind the smile.

But more than anything, I want revenge.

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