The Truth Behind the Lies

A story my friend and I are writing! Charlie (Charlotte) Walker and Shane Carter may seem like typical 15 year olds, but there's much more going on between the lines. Charlie and Shane have been best friends since preschool, but when Charlie discovers a secret that Shane has been hiding, it leads to some surprising events.


7. The Mysterious Phone Call

Charlie's P.O.V

I awoke to the rumbling of an engine. At first I thought I might've been dreaming, but when I had the energy to open my eyes, I realized it was reality.

I was in the back of a van, gagged with my hands and feet bound. Ian was driving, and it seemed he hadn't realized I'd woken up.

Ian didn't look good at all. I remembered the only time I'd seen him before was when I was about 6 years old. He was always cleanly shaved, and dressed to the occasion either wearing a plaid shirt or a suit with a tie. And now, he looked like... Well, an alcoholic. His shirt had stains, and looked like it hadn't been washed in a very long time. His chin was covered with stubble.

I immediately felt pain in the back of my head, but I closed my eyes again so Ian would think I was still unconscious.

Then everything came back. I had ran after witnessing Shane being beaten by his father, but Ian wasn't far behind. He threw open the door and chased me down the street as fast as he could. I'm sure I could've gotten away, if it weren't for the deep groove in the sidewalk that I tripped on. I stumbled, but I kept running, at least until I felt a hard blow to the back of my head and collapsed onto the pavement. Then everything went dark.

How could I have been so stupid? I heard violent crashes and sobbing coming from Shane's house, so I decided to be 007 and spy in the window? Definitely not the smartest choice. And now Shane would pay the price.

I felt goosebumps cover my arms at the thought of Shane laying on his own floor, bloody and motionless.

How could I have been mad at Shane? After what he was going through at home, I'm sure he didn't need me to be angry with him too. I should've seen the signs... I should've tried talking to Shane instead of ignoring him.

I needed to do something, before my guilt consumed me. But what? I found myself looking around the van. Ian's eyes met mine through the rear view mirror, and all I could feel was fear. Not fear of what he would do to me, but fear because I now knew what he had been doing to Shane for years. Whatever happened to be next would be nothing compared to what Shane was in for. And that's what scared me the most.

"Ah, so you've finally decided to wake up." He said coldly.

I started squirming.

"I wouldn't even think about doing that if I were you. There'll be no escape for you this time." He added with no emotion.

I tried to say something, but then remembered I had been gagged. I felt so helpless.

"That is, there'll be no escape YET. I've made a plan, and if you cooperate, I have a feeling we'll get along just fine, so shut up and try listening." He paused and gave me a sadistic smile through the rear view mirror. "Now, we'll find someplace where we can talk in private. No interruptions, or opportunities for an escape. Then we'll make a little deal, and if you decide to make the right decision, you'll be out of here in no time."

I highly doubted that.

Just then, Ian's phone started ringing. He answered it without even looking at the call display.

"So, you comig?" He asked impatiently.

A moment of silence.

"Yeah, I've got her. Trust me, she isn't going anywhere."

Another pause.

"I'll hold up my end of the deal if you hold up yours."

And with that, he hung up the phone.

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