The Truth Behind the Lies

A story my friend and I are writing! Charlie (Charlotte) Walker and Shane Carter may seem like typical 15 year olds, but there's much more going on between the lines. Charlie and Shane have been best friends since preschool, but when Charlie discovers a secret that Shane has been hiding, it leads to some surprising events.


1. Welcome to my life

Charlie's P.O.V.

I dragged my feet on the cement sidewalk, and slung my school bag over my shoulder. I was walking home at a brisk pace, trying to escape a horribly exhausting day at school.

I sighed as I heard a familiar voice approaching me from behind. Looks like I hadn't escaped just yet.

"Come on Charlie, Wait up! Hear me out!"

Shane. He was the last person I wanted to see that day. I quickened my pace a little more, but he caught up. I felt his hand grasp my shoulder.

"Dammit." I muttered under my breath.

"Charlie PLEASE just listen to me!"

I threw his hand off my shoulder.

"GO AWAY SHANE. I don't want to talk to you." I said, not making eye contact with him.

"What did I do?!?!" He shouted.

"You very well know what you did!" I insisted.

He blew off our study date. AGAIN. All because of his stupid girlfriend DANIELLE REED. Just one of the girls he's dated. We'd only been in 11th grade for two months, And he'd already dated four girls! First it was Naomi Shields, then Erica Moore, then Lauren Adams, and now it was Danielle. I actually felt bad for his many girlfriends... I mean, he'd go out with them for a week or two, and then dump them just like that. And every time we'd make any kind of plans, he'd ditch me for some other girl.

I often questioned why I called Shane my 'Best Friend', but then I'd remeber that we'd been friends since pre-school, and it would be a shame to end our friendship after such a long time. It was like he'd changed... Since 4th grade he'd been acting like some arrogant jerk! But it was impossible to stay mad at him for long.

I'm Charlotte Walker, but most people call me Charlie. And I prefer Charlie, to be honest. I don't think the name Charlotte suits me at all, and it took a group of popular girls to make me realize it.

See, I've been bullied all my life, by girls especially, for dressing too much like a boy, and not taking hours to do my hair and makeup. They made fun of me for years, and started calling me Charlie, because it's a boy's name. Although it was an insult at first, I developed a real liking for it, so I began actually asking people to call me it. People had been taking advantage of me for so long, and I didn't want Shane to become one of those people. He relied on me to finish all of our projects, because he was always with one of his girlfriends. But...He was my best friend, so I put up with it.

"Well then tell me what I did!" Shane sounded frustrated.

"All you ever do is leave me with all work, and go out with your stupid girlfriend!" I yelled.

People were starting to look at us now, but I didn't care.

"What do you have against Dani?!?!" He asked.

I rolled my eyes.

"I have nothing against Danielle! You're the one that's causing the problems!" I admitted.

Shane looked at me with his light green eyes. I wondered if he noticed my eye colour, as much as I noticed his.

"Well I'm really sorry. It won't happen again, okay?" He apologized.

I stopped in the middle of the sidewalk and sighed.

"Fine." I looked at him. "You're impossible, you know that?" I muttered.

"Impossibly hansome?" He smirked.

"Not exactly what I was thinking, but you keep telling yourself that."

I tried to hold back my smile, but I couldn't. It was impossible to be angry with Shane.

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