Love Never Die's (sequel to Everything About Us)

sequel to Everything About Us


7. There She Goes Again

Niall's POV:

I can't believe he fucking rapped her. Like, what the fuck man? He disgusts me, if I had a daughter, I wouldn't go around cutting her and rapping her. So, me and Lou came up with a plan to get him back while El calmed down Emily. We were still in the Carrot Kingdom, so we had cover in case Rick came looking. 

An hour later, Emily was taking us to the place where Rick was. The plan was for Emily scream so he comes outside, Louis would grab him, and I would bop him in the kisser (lol) while El called 911. "Ready?" I asked Em as everyone got in their positions. She nodded yes and screamed on the top of her lungs. Rick, Jessica, this girl, and this guy came out. 4? I thought it was only Rick- shit. Lou grabbed Rick and I grabbed the Jessica, she had the drugs that knock you out in her hand. El called 911 AND got the other girl. That girl got some power! I heard a scream and looked behind me- Emily was being dragged away by the other guy! "Emily!" I yelled as I ran to her, letting go of Jessica. As I got deeper into the woods, everything went black. 

Eleanor's POV:

So, here I am doing all the work, I tied up the other girl, Kayla I think, AND I called the cops. Lou was still trying to get Rick down when he got out of Lou's grip. I ran behind the car so he wouldn't see me. I was watching him and he hit Louis in the head with a crowbar. He then chased after Niall in the woods. Once the close was clear, I quickly ran to Lou's side and started sobbing. His head was all bloody and his eyes were rolling to the back of his head. Suddenly, a rag got put over my mouth. Shit! Jessica! I thought, before I got sleepy and passed out on the ground. 

Cop's POV:

I drove down to the address that the lady told me, with 2 other police following me. I pulled in and got out. There was blood everywhere. I saw a boy on the ground, head all bloody. Then, I saw I girl on the ground, a rag around her mouth. Drugs, i suppose.  Then, I saw a bloody trail. I followed it into the woods, where I found another boy with a bloody head. Then, foot prints. The ambulance came and took them to the hospital while I brought one of the dogs over to sniff the trail. 

Harry's POV:

Faith and I were having some 'us time' when my phone rang. 'Emergency.' "Hello?" I answered. "Is this Harry Styles?" Asked an older sounding man. "Yes," I replied. I looked over my shoulder and Faith mouthed, 'Who is it?' I put up a finger, signaling one minute. "We have some news about Emily Velloso, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, and Eleanor Cadler. Well, Emily escaped from being kidnapped  but then managed to get kidnapped again, while the others are very wounded." He explained. A tear fell from my eye. Wounded? How? Are they ok? Where's Emily? "Mr. Styles, Sir? Are you there?" "Yes, sorry." I muttered. "They are in the hospital now if you wish to see them, we have found a trial leading to maybe Emily so we will update you on that later." He informed me. "Thanks," I said hanging up. "Who was that? Why are you crying?" Faith asked. "Emily is gone again, and El, Lou and Niall are in the hospital," i said in between sniffs. "Lets go!" She said tugging me and getting up, running to the door. 

We arrived at the hospital and ran to the desk. "Louis Tomlinson." I said. "Room 215" She answered  "Thanks!" I called as we ran upstairs. 

We sat in the chairs outside Lou's room. El and Niall were in their too. I put my hand threw my hair and pulled it. I looked over at Faith and her face was in her hands as she cried. I hugged her as she sobbed into my chest. "Any one here for Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, and Eleanor Cadler?" A nurse came out and asked. "We are." I said getting up. "Louis and Eleanor are awake, but Niall is under critical condition." She informed us. I fought back tares and mumbled, "Thanks." We walked in and Louis smiled. "Hey Haz." He said, his smile quickly fading away. "Louis, how did this happen?" I asked, crying fully now. "Ok, so Niall told us to go to the Carrot Kingdom and when we got there, Emily was there because she escaped and then she told us that he rapped her and then me and Niall got really mad so we came up with a plan of revenge. We didn't know he had people helping him so our planned failed and he took Em again. We screwed up man, bad." He explained, whispering, crying towards the end. 

Emily's POV:

One of Rick's friends, Bernard, (hehe stupid name lol) came up and snatched me. I saw Niall running after me, only to see moments later Rick hitting him with a crowbar and following us to another location. 

They led me deeper into the woods and then Bernard walked off. "SHE'S ALL YOURS!" He called. Rick rubbed his hands together. He took handcuffs out of his jacket and handcuffed my legs and hands to a tree. My legs were cuffed so they were spread out. He took of his clothes and then mine. He rapped me. I tired to scream, but he slapped my face. I was glad he rapped me when I was asleep last time, this was terrible.

A week later

Harry's POV:

It's been a week and they still can't find her. And, Niall is still in a coma. I hope she's okay...

Emily's POV:

A week passed and he still uses me as his sex toy. The boys haven't found me, and I wish they would hurry. I get rapped at least 2 times a day and half the time hes drunk when he does it so it sucks even more. He cuts me every time he rapes me too. 

Suddenly, I heard sirens  and people bursting threw the front door, yelling, "PUT YOUR HAND BEHIND YOUR BACK! YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT!" Then, another officer saying, "Go look for Emily." "HELP!" I yelled. The officer came in and picked me up. "Your going home," He says. 

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