Love Never Die's (sequel to Everything About Us)

sequel to Everything About Us


32. The Hospital

Emily's POV:

She played games and just acted like children all night. I think I know who I want to be with, but he's already taken. We were driving home and when we got there, I stood outside with him. "Niall, when you said that you wanted me back, did you really mean it?" I asked him. "Yeah" He said blushing. "Good, cause your mine." I told him. "What about Liam?" He asked me. "I'll have to let him down easy." I said like I was all that. He laughed. "What about Prey?" I asked. "Well, I always did think that Liam and her made a great couple." He said nodding his head. We laughed and entered the house. Everyone was still asleep. Of course, Niall was hungry so we went into the kitchen but went out as soon as we witnessed what was going on. Prey and Liam were doing a full make out session. Niall and I sneaked upstairs and laughed our heads off. Your probably like, 'Why are they laughing? Are they fucking high right now' Well, we thought it was funny that everything worked out like that. I walked back into the kitchen with Niall cause we were really hungry so we just walked pass them and they stopped and gave us weird stares. "What?" I asked biting into a banana. "Why are you guys like just watching and not getting all mad?" Prey asked. Niall and I just looked at each other and we started to crack up. "Okay, what kind of drugs are you on?" Liam asked us worried. "Nothing. We were just coming in here to try to get you two together and me and Emily back together but you guys are going good." Niall said laughing. "So we okay?" Liam asked. "Yup, Prey and you and me and Niall." I said. "And best friends." I added to Liam. Suddenly Sam started to cry. I went upstairs and her hair was falling out and she was crying that she was feeling pain. We all rushed to the hospital and they ran some tests on her. After about a hour of waiting, the doctor came out. "Mr. Horan and Mrs. Horan, can I please speak with you?" We got up and followed him to the corner. Even though Niall and I aren't married, that's my legal last name. "I'm sorry to tell you this but your daughter has leukemia." If you didn't know, that's a very deadly type of cancer. I started to cry and so did Niall. "She has a year left. I'm really sorry." The doctor told us. 

A/N sorry for the short chapter but here, niall and emily are back together! but.....what about Sam?

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