Love Never Die's (sequel to Everything About Us)

sequel to Everything About Us


22. The Call

Emily's POV:

Niall was coming home today and I couldn't wait! Sam was still convinced that Liam was her dad, but maybe when she see's Niall, she'll change her mind. "Mommy, why am I wearing a dress?" Sam asked me. "Because daddy is coming home today." I said fixing her hair. "Mommy, daddy is right there." She said pointing to Liam who was on my bed. "Sam, that's Uncle Liam." I told her for the thousandth time. Again, she shook her head like I was stupid and Liam laughed. Suddenly, my phone rang. "Liam, can you do Sam's hair?" I asked. "I'll make it look like Jesse's from Toy Story!" He exclaimed getting up and I laughed. "Hello?" I answered. "Mrs. Horan?" And unfamiliar voice answered. "Speaking." I nonchalantly said. "Mr. Horan's plan crashed last week and when we went to go investigate, he wasn't there. We haven't had sign of him since so I'm sorry to saw, but we are announcing him dead." He told me. I mentally screamed, but  I did crying. "So your just going to announce him dead!?" I asked. "I'm sorry but it's the way we work". And he hung up. I cried and cried and Liam must of heard me because he running out with Sam in his hands. "What's the matter?" He asked me frantically. "Niall-l is dead-d." I cried. Liam's tear feel on my bear skin and he sat down on the wall next to me. I put my head on his shoulder and we cried. "Mommy, why are you and daddy crying?" Sam asked me. "Baby, daddy's dead." I said. "You mean Niall Daddy?" She asked me. I nodded yes and started to cry. Liam sang Sam a lullaby and she instantly fell asleep. "How?" He asked, breaking the silence  "Last week his plane crashed and when they went to go investigate, he wasn't there. They looked for him but couldn't find him so they announced him dead." I explained. "We have to tell the boys." Liam said, putting Sam in her crib. "God, I'm not married any more and Sam's dad is dead." I said. "Not according to her." Liam laughed a little threw his cries and so did I. "I'll call Louis and Harry, you get Zayn and Josh." I told him. He nodded okay and I got out my phone and called Louis. "Hello?' HE answered laughing. "Are you with people?" I asked. "Are you crying? And yeah Prey, Faith, Eleanor, Harry, and Prey's boy friend Justin fucking Bieber! Niall is going to be so happy that we get to hang with him all the time now!" That just broke my heart, he would've loved that. "Yeah I'm crying and put me on speaker." "Okay your on. Now why are you crying?" He asked me. I just broke out in tears and he heard me because he said, "Emily, your scaring me! What's going on!?"  "Niall's dead-d." I finally managed to say. "Your lying." Louis said, sounding like he was about to cry. "No, it's true." I whispered, barley hearable. There was a long moment of silence, all you could hear were weeps. "How?" He asked. "His plane crashed a week ago and when they went to investigate  he wasn't there. They looked for him but couldn't find him. They announced him dead today. I just found out." I explained. "We are coming over now." He said and hung up. Liam came over to me and sat down next to me. "They said they are coming over now. He was with Faith, Harry, El, Prey, and Prey's boyfriend Justin Bieber." I told him. "Josh and Ashley were with Zayn and Perrie and they said the same thing. Then, the people called me and said his wake was tomorrow and I called Simon and told him." Liam explained to me.

There was a knock on the door and everyone came rushing in. Everyone was crying and it was just bloody hell. It was silent except for cries and I finally said, "The wake is tomorrow." "How the hell are they going to have a mother fucking wake if theres no fucking body!?" Harry yelled. "Shhhh! Sam is sleeping!" Liam scolded. "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't know she was you and Emily's fucking baby!" Harry exclaimed sarcastically. That just made Liam explode. He got up and ran as fast as he could outside. "WHAT THE HELL HARRY!?" I yell. I run outside after him, but he's really fast. He ran to this park and sat down on a swing, but soon got up and punched a metal bar. "Liam, please, calm down!" I pleaded, trying to make him sit. I sat on the swing next to him and we just sat there a cried for a while. "You don't know how much I wished that baby was ours." He said. "I felt like she was ours and to tell you the truth, I always liked the way she thought I was her dad." He admitted. I just listened. "I loved the way we take pictures of each other with her and the way we get along. I love everything about you, everything about us. And even though you got over us, I never did because the way I see it is that love never dies, and that's why I let you go, go to Niall." He told me. I got up and sat on his lap and hugged him. "I'm in love with you."

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