Love Never Die's (sequel to Everything About Us)

sequel to Everything About Us


21. The Baby's Firsts

A/N to clear up any confusion, Liam does not have a girl friend :)

Emily's POV:

Liam bought me a video camera for my birthday to record the baby's first's. It's been 10 months since Niall has been away and we lost contact. I haven't spoke to him since last month, but he's probably busy, you know? Anyway, today Liam wants to take a huge step with Sam........... TOY STORY. He announced that this morning and I started to crack up! So Liam was putting in the movie and he told me to take a video. "Now Sam," He started. "This will be the best seven hours of your life!" She clapped, her first claps. "Oh my God! Emily did you get that!? She clapped!!" Liam exclaimed. Sometimes, Liam thought Sam was his baby, but it was cute. I nodded and laughed. "You're making her watch all the movies?" I asked. "YES! TOY STORY WILL NEVER BE COMPLETE WITHOUT ALL!" He exclaimed. I laughed and so did Sam. It started and  after a while, Sam really got into it. In the middle of the movie, Sam pointed at the screen and said, "Woody!" In her little baby voice. "OH MY GOD LI! HER FIRST WORD!" I exclaimed. "And it was Woody! I love you so much Sam! You made this movie ten times better for me!" He exclaimed hugging her. "Is that even possible!?" I asked. "Not anymore. It's like, top notch now." He said like he was all cool. I laughed at his idioticness. 

The next day, I woke up to the sounds of laughing coming from down stairs. I got up and walked down stairs and Liam was showing Sam the video diaries. I took out my camera and started to take a video. Liam heard me and said, "Morning love." "Morning." I said back and went up to them and kissed Sam's cheek. "Morning Baby." I said. She looked at the screen and laughed at Louis because he had a hat over his face and said, "I'm a song!" She concentrated more and pointed to the screen at Liam. "Dadda." She said and hugged Liam. "Baby, I'm not dadda silly!" Liam said and laughed. She had a confuzzeled look on her face and Liam pointed to Niall on the screen. "That's dadda." She looked confused again, but then pointed at me and said, "Mama," and then at Liam and said, "Dadda." I sighed and said, "No baby, Dadda," I pointed at Niall, "Mama," I pointed at me, "Uncle Liam." I said pointing at Li. She shook her head and continued to watch the video diary. She was one hell of a smart baby! She pointed at Louis on the screen. "That's Uncle Lou," I said. "And he's married to Aunt El." I showed her a picture of Eleanor. She pointed at Harry and I said, "That's Uncle Harry, but you can call him Hazza." When I told her that, he and Liam laughed. "He's married to Aunt Faith." And I showed her a picture of Faith. Then, she pointed at Zayn. "That's Uncle Zaynee." I told her and Liam laughed. "He's married to Aunt Perrie." I said and showed her the picture of Perrie. "And then there's Uncle Josh, and Aunt Ashley." I said and showed them a picture of them. She went back to the screen and pointed at Niall. "Uncle." She said. "No baby, Daddy. That's daddy." "No," She said and pointed to Liam on the screen. "Daddy." I just wanted to cry. Why did Niall have to go to that stupid job!? Now, she thinks Liam is her dad! "Nameee." She said and pointed to Niall. "That's Niall, he's your daddy." Liam told her. She crossed her arms and said, "No. I want him to be my daddy." And she pointed at Liam. How did she learn to say that!? I turned off the video camera and said to her, "Baby, I'm sorry but I love your daddy. Uncle Li is just one of mamma's best friends." 

The day after that, I woke up and Liam was still sleeping next to me. "Li, I have an idea." I said. He smirked. "And what's that?" He asked. We looked at each other and said, "First steps." In unison. 

At about noon, Liam and I sat a couple feet away from each other and Liam was holding Sam while I was holding the camera. "Okay baby girl, what your going to do it walk to mamma bu moving your feet, like the way you crawl except standing. Do you think you could do that?" Liam instructed. She nodded yes and walked over to me, but fell on my lap. "OH MY GOD SHE WALKED!" Liam exclaimed. "I'm so proud of you baby! Now do you know where you are going to walk?" I asked. "To Dada." She said. "Babe, dada is in Sweden right now." Liam said laughing. She shook her head no, as if we were stupid and walked to Liam. Liam kissed her on the cheek and she hugged him. "So now you can talk and walk! What a big girl you are!" Liam said proudly. 

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