Love Never Die's (sequel to Everything About Us)

sequel to Everything About Us


26. Talking With Harry

Liam's POV:

I woke up because I heard El calling that dinner was ready. Emily didn't hear so I knew it was time to take my revenge. I put my thumb on her cheek and rubbed it and then I used my two fingers as my lips and acted like a playfully bit her bottom lip. I heard her moan and then I knew what to do next. I moved my hand to the inside of her upper thigh and lightly touched it so it was like I was tickling her thighs. She moaned again and mumbled something, but I couldn't understand it. I out my hand right under the hem of her pants and moved my hand around her waist. She moan again and I tired my best to not laugh. I kissed her neck and went up to her jaw bone, but went down again and hit her sweet spot on her neck and she moaned. Okay, if I  didn't stop, I was going to get horny so I kissed her and her eyes opened, even though I knew she was awake the whole time.

Emily's POV:

After Liam had his little moment of revenge, I heard baby cries. We both looked at each other and got up to go see if she was okay. "Mommy! Daddy!" She yelled in excitement. Liam scooped her up and layed her down on the changing bed. He leaned over on her so their noses were touching. "Did you have a nice nap?" He asked her. She nodded yes and we heard Eleanor yell that dinner was ready again. "Are you hungry babe?" I asked her. "Yes!" Liam said rubbing his stomach. "Not you! Sam, are you hungry?" "Yeah." She said rubbing her stomach like Liam. "See what you do to her?!" I joked around to Liam. "Maybe she wants to be like her Uncle Liam, okay???" He joked around with me. "Daddy, can we eat now?" Sam asked tugging on Liam shirt. "Sure." We put her on the ground and I held one hand and he held her other. We were all laughing and having fun going down stairs and everyone gave us a strange look. "Why are you guys so happy?" Prey asked, twirling her spaghetti. "Why shouldn't we be?" I asked putting Sam in her high chair. "Well, because Niall is kind of dead." Faith said like I was stupid. "Yeah but some times, we need to put the past behind up and not get caught up in it. That was a year ago tomorrow, oh Emily we have to do something for Sam's birthday! Anyway it happened a long time ago and we think that sometimes you got to move on." Liam said, putting food on Sam and his plates. "Emily, do you want some meatballs?" He asked me. "Yes please," I said, as I tired to put some spaghetti into Sam's mouth but she quickly said, "I want to do it myself mommy!" "Here you go love," Liam handed me my plate and Liam and I started to eat and so did Sam. Everyone just sent us looks like we were crazy. "What?" I asked, putting food into my mouth. "You guys are like your own little family." Perrie said, finally. "Well we have lived together for almost 3 years." Liam remarked. "Baby girl, you can't play with your food, you have to eat it." Liam said, trying to get Sam to eat like a normal person. "But daddy," She started but Liam quickly cut her off by saying, "You have to eat like me and mommy, okay? Then, you could be a big girl!" "Yay! Okay!" Sam said, clapping her hands. "See, Sam calls Liam her dad, and you don't even care." Ashley commented. "Well maybe because her father is dead and she needs a dad figure to look up to." I said back. Everyone was quiet after that, except for me, Liam, and Sam of course. Suddenly a thought popped into my head- Harry. "I'll be right back," I said and went up to the room right next to the spares, which was the bathroom's and climbed out the window. I placed my foot on the ledge and carefully walked over to the spare's window. I knocked on it and Harry came over and opened it. His eyes were all red and puffy and his cheeks were stained. Thank God there was a bathroom connected to that room cause he would've smelled terrible! "What?" He asked and I was about to answer but I slipped and was falling off the ledge but Harry grabbed my hand and pulled me up. I took a picture of it and Harry gave me a confused look and pulled me up. I hugged him and he cried onto my shoulder. I took a picture of him and he asked, "Why do you keep taking pictures?" "I'm a photographer as my job. I take pictures of nature and emotions, but sometimes I just like taking pictures, as right now for an example. "Oh, can I see you pictures?" He asked. "Sure." I said. I showed him the pictures of Liam and Sam in the hospital and the three last pictures of Niall I had. The one of just him and him picking up Sam and the one Liam took of us kissing. I showed him the pictures of the paint and the beach and of Sam and of Liam and I. "Wow, there beautiful." Harry said. "I think you need to get out. You wanna go to the beach with me, Liam, and Sam? You haven't seen her since she was a new born." I asked him. "Sure." He replied. We climbed out the window and carefully jumped onto the grass. I called Liam and told him to meet me out side with Sam, and he did. "Uncle Harry!" Sam said and ran to him. "Hey babe!" Harry said a s he picked her up. "Harry" Liam yelled and gave him a hug. "I want to join!" I said and ran in to hug them all.

A/N happy Halloween to everyone that lives in new jersey! I was going to be Louis Tomlinson, and Faith and Ashley were going to be Harry and Niall but they baled and my mum said that I can't be him by myself so do you guys have any ideas of what I could be out of like clothes and objects? I really need help! Comment on what you think! Thanks!


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