Love Never Die's (sequel to Everything About Us)

sequel to Everything About Us


19. Taking Pictures With Liam

Emily's POV:

She was the most adorable thing in this world. She had my hazel eyes and my little nose and lips. Suddenly, everyone barged in just as Niall was feeding her. Everyone awed and Louis was crying! "What's her name?" Faith asked. "Samantha Faith Horan, but everyone call her Sam, I like that name much more." I told them. Faith started crying. "You used my name? Holy shit Em, I love you!" She yelled and jumped on me. I was still in pain so I groaned. "Oh. sorry!" She said getting off of me. Louis grabbed Sam and said, "She's mine!" and Sam instantly started to pay with Louis's hair. "She likes you." I said giggling. "Could you imagine me and you having a kid? It would be like having a monkey!" Louis exclaimed. Everyone laughed. "Can I hold her?" Liam asked. "Of course Li! I trust you more than anyone in this room!" "Hey!" Niall and Louis exclaimed. "I only do the truth." I laughed. Louis handed Liam Sam and she hugged him, a newborn actually hugged someone. "Is that even possible?" I asked. 
"Wow, she really likes you." Niall said in amazement. Sam feel asleep in Liam's arms as he sang her a lullaby. "Hush, little baby, don't say a word. Daddy's gonna buy you a mockingbird And if that mockingbird won't sing, Daddy's gonna buy you a diamond ring And if that diamond ring turns brass, Daddy's gonna buy you a looking glass And if that looking glass gets broke, Daddy's gonna buy you a billy goat And if that billy goat won't pull, Daddy's gonna buy you a cart and bull And if that cart and bull fall down, you'll still be the sweetest little baby in town." "Liam, that was beautiful," Was all I could say. I never seen anyone that could do that to a baby, not even a mom.

Liam's POV:

When I held Sam in my hands, I felt like nothing in the world mattered anymore. I sang to her after she hugged me and she fell asleep. I stroked her back and it was the most perfect moment, it was almost as if, she was mine. Like I always dreamed, a baby girl of my own. And Emily in the equation makes it ten times better. I still love her... so much.

Emily's POV:

I walked over to Liam and sat down next to him. He looked down at Sam and then at me. By now, the only people in the room were me and him, everyone else was hungry so they went out to eat. Liam put his arm around my waist and at that moment, it just felt right, so I let him. "She's beautiful," Liam whispered. I just nodded and looked at him. We looked at each other for a while and then he said, "I have a present for you." He bent down, being careful with Sam of course, and got a rather large box out, all wrapped up. "Now what could this be, Mr. Payne?" I asked, taking the box from him. "Well I don't know, Mrs. Horan." I opened the box and I couldn't believe what was in there, it was something I always wanted. "Oh my God! Thank you so much Liam!" I exclaimed hugging him. "No problem." He said laughing and hugging me back. "Holy shit, how much did all this cost!?" I asked. "Just a couple of pounds," He answered. "How did you know?" I asked. "Memeber at the wedding and Faith said you always wanted to be a photographer? So I thought, why not get her a camera? So I did." He answered. "Yeah, a really professional one! And a camera case, and extra film and more batteries and more memory cards and a stand!" I exclaimed. "Well if this is going to be your job, why not make it perfect?" He shrugged. "How come you never told me that you wanted to be a photographer?" Liam asked. "Rick always said it was stupid and I was worthless so I just never talked about it." I answered. I picked up the camera and turned it on. "Thank you so much Liam." I said again. I took a picture of Sam and then one of Liam. "Hey why not start now?" I asked laughing. I got up and took pictures of Liam looking down at Sam, Sam, Liam holding Sam, and just Liam. Once Sam woke up, she started to play with Liam and I right away. "Liam, I have an idea for a shot." I said. "What?" He asked. "Okay, place Sam on the bed." He did as instructed. And then you lean over on her like your faces are almost touching. " He did as I said and it turned out to be a great picture! She laughed and Liam tickled her. Another great one. 

Niall's POV:

I came back to the hospital after we ate by myself. I was about to walk in when I saw threw the window Liam handing Emily a present. I saw them hugging, taking pictures, making poses, and playing with Sam. Jealousy roared up inside of me and I was going to go in there and show off my anger when my phone rang.  "Hello?" I answered. "Niall?" It was Simon. "Yeah?" "Well, you have to take this job for the company- they chose you. You have to travel around the world for a year to do independent concerts." He told me. "But Simon! Emily just had a baby!" I exclaimed. I was on the verge on crying. "I'm sorry, but you have too." "Simon! Emily just fucking gave birth! And I have to take care of her! And I can't miss everything the baby does in a year, like first steps and all that shit!" I said, now crying. "I'm sorry Niall, your plane leaves in an hour." And he hung up. This is just fucking dandy! I barge in the room with Liam, Sam, and Emily laughing. "Babe," I said. She saw I was crying and stood up. "Babe, what's the matter?" She asked. I just hugged her and cried into her hair. "I-i have to-o go away-y." I told her. "With the boys?" She asked. "No, it's just me," I told her crying even more. "How long?" She asked. "A year-r." I said. "What!?!?" She exclaimed. "I tried-d to back-k out of it-t bu-t-t he said I hav-e-e to leave in an-n hour." I said stumbling over words. "No, no, no, no, no! I can't take care of the baby by myself  And your going to miss her first words and shit!" She exclaimed. That's what I told Simon! By nooooo, don't listen to Niall, right!?!?!?!?" I exclaimed. "I could help you take care of the baby." Liam said, still playing with Sam. "You would do that for me?" Emily asked him. He looked up from Sam and said, "Of course!" She ran over and hugged him. "Thank you so much!" She said into her chest."Emily, my plane leaves in an hour." I told her. She sighed and a tear fell from her eye. "I knew being married to a pop star wasn't going to be easy." I laughed. She hugged me and said, "I love you so much. Don't go off and find some other girl in like, America!" "I promise." I kissed her and Liam snapped a picture of it. "That's a keeper!" He said waving it around. Emily got the camera and started to take a picture of me. "Why do you have that kind of professional camera?" I asked. "Well Liam remembered that I always wanted to be a photographer so he got me a whole bunch on stuff!" Emily told me. "Go over to Sam and pick her up over her head and looked at her and smile." Emily instructed. I did as told and Sam actually smiled back! "Perfect!" She said. "Bye Sam." I said, still crying and kissing her. Then, I went over to Emily. "Bye babe," I said kissing her hair. "I'm going to miss you Ni," She said crying. "How long could a year really be?" I asked. "Bye. I love you. I'll call you, text you, and ooVoo you every night, I promise." I called to her as I went to go pack my stuff. 

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