Love Never Die's (sequel to Everything About Us)

sequel to Everything About Us


30. Making You Jealous...

A/N Hello my fans!! Okay guys I'm at my friend's house writing now, and we are watching a movie called Jeepers Creepers but I already saw it so I wanted to write. I just wanted to say that I love you guys and I love that you guys support me in writing, but this Niall, Emily, Liam thing is getting out of control. Don't stop reading the book just because things aren't going you way right now. I have a whole plan for the most of the book and I think you guys will like how it turns out, but for right now, you might not. Anyway, don't stop reading right now and wait and see my plan. Again, I love you guys and thanks so much for reading:)

Emily's POV:

I have a problem. A big one. Okay, well let me just get it out there- I'm in love with 2 guys. Yes, Niall and Liam. Niall and I have this love that we can't separate, not even death. But, Liam and I share a relationship that no one will ever understand. We make each other happy at the worst of times. Prey was having a tough time because her and Justin just broke up so I wanted to get away from everyone so I just thought, why not take Prey somewhere? "Guy, I'm going to take Prey to the bored walk for a little." I said and dragged Prey to the car. 

Niall's POV:

I needed Emily back, like now. But I had a plan. I was going to make her jealous. Okay so I'm going to ask out Prey and kiss in front of Emily and stuff and then she will be crawling back. I know it's wrong but I need Emily. 

A couple hours later, Emily and Prey came home and I knew it was time to make my move. "Prey could you come into the kitchen for a minute?" I asked and she got up and followed me. "So I was wondering..... do you want to go out with me?" I asked. "Sure." she said and smiled. She kissed me on the cheek and walked back to the living room. 

Emily's POV:

Liam and I put Sam in her crib and Liam was about to work his baby magic but before he could, Sam asked, "Can you tell me a bed time story?" "Sure." I said. Liam started the story. "Once upon a time, there was this beautiful girl named Em and she had long beautiful blond hair-" "Like mommy?" "Just like mommy. Anyway, she had powers to make guys all over the world fall in love with her and she would use that power on anyone. So one day, she met this boy named, WilLIAM, and he instantly got caught under her spell. But, Em didn't fall under William's spell, but the boy named Nialler who ate everything's spell. But over time, feelings changed and Em moved on from Nialler's spell and feel under Harold's. Everyone was under her spell so she could get any guy she wanted, but after time, she feel towards Nialler again. Then, a terrible accident happened to Em and her and er best friend Boo Bear got too close and they shared love together. But everything went back to Nialler. You see, these two have a relationship of which can not be broken. But Em and William got out of control one night and ran away together. They dated, but the love of her and Nialler still stood and after a while, they got married and had a beautiful girl named, Rose. But Nialler's job came in and he had to be taken from his wife and child while the boy still under her spell, William, was left to help Em. Terrible news was sent in that Nialler was dead and after time, Rose started to call William daddy and Em and William feel into a relationship. Then, out of the blue, Nialler arose from the dead and came back to clam his rightful loves. But Em and Rose belonged to William now, so what was there to do? William knows the future that lies ahead of him, his loved ones leaving him for Nialler as it did before. But, Sam, love never dies." Liam told the story, well the story of my life really. "Liam, what did I tell you about not ever loosing me?" I asked him. "That was before the I told you that love never dies."

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