Love Never Die's (sequel to Everything About Us)

sequel to Everything About Us


14. lets get it back


Emily's POV:

After a couple minutes my dad asked, "So why did you come? You never told me."  "Okay well, you know my boyfriend Niall Horan?" I asked. "Yeah he's from that boy band you used to obsess over." Brett said. "Yeah. Well, I live with all the guys with my 5 best friends- that are girls don't worry- and well member my ex Jared?" I asked. They nodded. "Well 5 months ago, I got a letter from him saying that I had to break up with Niall or he would hurt him and I had 5 months to do it. Today was the day and well, it was so hard daddy. I love him so much and I told him i never loved him and it was just a joke. Daddy, I broke his heart and mine. So Jared took me to an airport and took me to Arizona so he thinks I have my own hotel room so he doesn't know I'm here. He said he was going to cut my daddy." I explained crying. "It's okay baby girl, I'll get that kid thrown in jail. Don't worry." He told me. "Maybe you should call him, Niall." Brett suggested. "I can't , Jared took my phone." I told him. "Then lets get it back."

It was late at night and we sneaked into Jared's house. My phone was on his night stand. "Okay, I'm going to call the cops while Mike, you get her phone. Em, stay out side." Brett whispered. We followed his instructions and soon, my dad came out with my phone. "Go, run. He's coming." He said, pushing me to go. I ran back just as I heard screaming and cop cars.

Louis's POV:

El, Niall, and I were still in the Carrot Kingdom when Niall's phone rang. "Lou, can you get that?" He asked, to tired to sit up. I got up and looked at the caller ID. I dropped the phone and my hands were shaking. I quickly picked it up and ran outside to answer it. "Emily?" I asked. "Louis?" She asked me. "Em, where are you?" I asked. "Running." She simply said. "Em why are you running? Did he hurt you?" I asked, my voice getting raised. "No, but wait, did you get my letter about my dad?" She asked me. "Yes." I answered  "Well being the stupid gay fucker that Jared is, he brought me to Arizona and I sneaked to my dad's house. Louis, if you thought he was a bad guy, he never was. Only a broke guy. He was the only happiness in my life before I met you guys. Anyway, Jared took my phone and my dad got it back but now hes beating him, my daddy is hurt." She said crying. "Where are you?" I asked. "Phoenix, Arizona. I have to go, someone is coming." And she hung up. She's in trouble! I ran inside and grabbed my coat while throwing Niall his phone. "Who was it?" He asked. "And why are you crying?" El asked. "We have to go. Now." I said, running into the car. 

Emily's POV:

I heard footsteps coming and saw a figure appear. "Never try that again Emily. Now one of your friends is dead." Jared said approaching me. "W-who?" I asked still crying and scared. "That tall nerdy guy," He said. "No, not Brett. He was so young." I whispered the last part. Suddenly, everything was black.

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