Love Never Die's (sequel to Everything About Us)

sequel to Everything About Us


13. (i cant find a name lol)

Niall's POV:

She is pregnant? And he made her leave  so she could protect me? She would've been my fiance right now if I just could of protected her and made her stay. God damn it! WHY GOD! WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME!?!?! I looked over a Lou, pale faced and stained from tears. Eleanor's head was buried in his chest and crying. Faith had to get up and go to her bedroom, she wanted to be alone. Harry was standing on the wall and crying into it, punching it from time to time. Ashley got up to go help Faith and Josh was also crying, but not as much as everyone else. Perrie was crying A LOT. Zayn was trying to calm her down, but she wouldn't. As for me, I have this feeling in my stomach like I was going to throw up because I was crying too much.  Sure enough, that feeling was right. I got up and ran to the bathroom and started puking up my guts. Louis and Eleanor came in and tried to calm me down so I could stop up chucking. I finally stopped and cried more. Louis was crying and so was El. "Come on, let's go to Emily's favorite place." Louis said, getting up and putting out hand for me and El to grab.

We arrived at the Carrot Kingdom and I layed down on the bed and cried, knowing that Emily and I got reunited here. Eleanor sat down by the wall and so did Lou. I looked over and saw Emily's guitar and note. "Guys, look." I got up and took it. I opened the note and it had the lyrics to Little Things, the song I wrote for her. "It had the lyrics to the song I wrote her called Little Things. She wants me to play it." I said. "Okay, lets here it." El said getting up and sitting next to me. Lou followed. I strummed the guitar and remembered when we were sitting on the beach and she played, Today Was A Fairy Tale by Taylor Swift for me. I held back the tears and started to play, "Your hand fits in mine like it's made just for me...."

After I played the song, I found another note. It read, "Guys, there is something else you guys don't know about me. Rick is my stepdad. My real dad lives in Arizona. I would of gone to live with him, but he couldn't afford to keep me. I'm sorry I didn't tell you this earlier.

"Okay, now that just makes me made that her dad didn't do shit to help her!" Louis exclaimed. I crumpled up the paper and threw it at the wall. "That sick bastard!" Eleanor exclaimed. I screamed a moan and fell backwards. I missed her already. 

Emily's POV:

I got to the airport and saw the gay bastard that was keeping me and my baby away from the love of my life. He grabbed onto me and said, "Let's go, babe." I jerked away and yelled, "Don't you ever call me that, again." I know what Niall, El, and Louis are probably saying about my dad right now, "That bitch!" And so on. but, hes not. He always told me when he has the money, he would take me back and we could live together, along with my Uncle Brett who was now a little over 20. Let's see, I'm 21 so he's 27. Anyway, back to Jared. He brought me on the plane and we sat there for a good 10 hours. I had no idea where we were going until the pilot said, "Enjoy your time in Phoenix  Arizona." Omfg that's exactly where my dad lives! "Remember, I don't have to live with you." I said. "But next to me or close. I need to cut you whenever I feel like it." He told me. That was a little creepy. Okay, a lot creepy. "I know exactly where." I said. "Well thats fine." He replied. 

I had a lot of money now, being the boyfriend of Niall Horan, so me and my dad could hopefully live together. I knocked on his door and he answered. Just picture me with a lower voice and short hair and taller, that's my dad. "Hey baby girl!!!!" He yelled and hugged me so tight I couldn't breath. They reminded me of Horan hugs, a hug I will no longer get. "What are you doing here?" He asked all peppy. He had an attitude like mine. Like, when I used to text him a lot, I said for him to guess what I did in school today and  a normal dad would of gone, got an A+ on your math quiz but no, my dad guesses, you farted in class! That's why I love him so much. He says lol and one time I was telling him I'm bringing back socks and sandals and he said, 'shiiiiizzzzz i be ricking sicks and sizzzzieeeesss!!!!!' When we texted, that was the only time I had fun in a day because right when Rick came home, he would beat me. "I'll tell you, but can we go inside first?" I asked him. "Sure baby," He said and led me inside. His house was just like I imagined it, walls filled with scary and science fiction movies, and then all types of video games and game systems and a computer. There was a couch and I big T.V. Brett was sitting on the couch playing Mine Craft on x-box. I don't call him Uncle Brett because he's only six years older than me so I just call him Brett.  He was just like Louis in a very tall and bony, nerdy figure. I dropped my lugage because I was so happy to see him. "Brett!" I called. "HOLY SHIT EMILY!" He exclaimed and jumped over the couch to squeeze me in a hug, as we used to do when we were little. When I saw him, we would pull all nighters by playing all different kinds of video games. I laughed. "Hey Brett!" I said. "I missed you so much Homie G!" He yelled. We had so many inside jokes. "So you still raping those games?" I asked him. We meant raping like winning. "Yeah!!!! And hows your forging?" He asked me. That meant well, that meant something perverted. forging was like humping. I know, we were perverted little kids. "Great! How's lesbian faggot Grace?" I asked him. That was a girl I hated and we named a piece of amour in a game that. "Dandy as always." He answers we laugh. "Okay, one question, what does forging mean and why is it going great?" My dad asked. Me and Brett started laughing even harder. "Mike, we were perverted kids and we said that that meant like humping." I laughed so hard about the way my dad's face looked after Brett told him what it meant. "So your forging is going great Emily!?!?!?" Dad asked. "DADDY!" I yelled, still in laughter. 


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