Love Never Die's (sequel to Everything About Us)

sequel to Everything About Us


20. Home

Emily's POV:

It's been a week since Niall left and I'm finally allowed to go home now! Liam stayed in the hospital with me every night and all day long. We were in the car driving home and Liam was staying over my house- yeah me and Niall got our own house- for a year while Niall was gone. "Were home!" Liam exclaimed. We got Sam out of the car and I took a picture of all of us together. We got inside and showed Sam her room. It was small and there was a little crib and a changing bed. Liam sang to her again and she feel asleep to the soothing sound of his voice. We moved to the crib to my room and lock the door. We put a baby monitor in my room and hers because we were going to paint her room!

We moved everything out of her room and put tarps down. We opened up the light pink paint and got out paint brushes. We put on the One Direction radio on Pandora and we were on our way! I put my camera under a tarp so it wouldn't get paint all over it, but I was going to take pictures. Suddenly, Kiss Me came on and me and Liam just looked at each other and started to dance. "So tell me girl if every time we touch you get this kind of rush baby say yeahhhh yeahhh if you don't want to take it slow and you just want to take me home baby say yeahh yeahhh and let me kiss you!" We both sang, using the paint brushes as microphone  Liam got out the camera and got a picture of me singing and dancing. I got a picture of him too. "AND LET ME KISS YOU!" We sang to the last part, Harry's part. The next song, oh no, I just thought to myself. "I want you to rock me, rock me, rock me yeah I want you to rock me, rock me, rock me yeah. I want you to hit the pedal heavy medal show me you care I want you to rock me, rock me, rock me yeah." And after we sang the chorus, Liam did a hip thrust! I got a picture of him doing it! I wrote, "Rock me" on the wall and Liam wrote, " I want you to hit the pedal heavy medal show me you care!" On the wall. The part that goes, "R-O-C-K me again, R-O-C-K me again, R-O-C-K me again yeah." Came and of course Liam wrote it on the wall and he took a picture of me doing a hip thrust too. We painted over what we wrote because I don't think that someone would want to walk into the room and see "Rock me" All over the walls! But, we did take a picture of it before we painted over it. We replayed the song and Liam wrote, "Summer 09'"On the wall and I wrote "Summer 22'" because that's where we are now. Oh yeah, well it's June and Sam was born on June 18th. We took a picture of that too and we started to crack up. "Why are you guys suck pervs!?" I asked, still laughing. "Harry and Niall were the ones who wrote those!" Liam exclaimed and it just led us into more laughter.

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