Love Never Die's (sequel to Everything About Us)

sequel to Everything About Us


17. Funeral

A/N sorry I didn't write about the funeral in the other chapter! I forgot, lol. I'm getting into the reading mood so if you know any long, good books, fanfics, can you write the title in the comments for me? You can even write your own books! I would prefer finished ones, but long ones are fine. Just no short ones, thanks:)xx okay, to reading now....

Emily's POV:

Louis, Eleanor, Niall and I arrived at the funeral with Lou and Ni wearing tuxes and El and I wearing black, knee lengths dresses with black high heels. I had to speak about Brett today and I was ready.

"Now, can we please have Emily Velloso, also known as Brett's niece come to the front to say a few words about Brett?" The priest asked. I got up and cleared my throat.

"Hello, my name is Emily Velloso and I have a bunch of things to say about Brett. Well first off, let me say he was a total nerd! Even at 27, he acted like a 7 year old. I remember when I was 11 and he was 17, that's when we used to hang out the most, and we would pull all nighters by playing video games, mostly on his computer. He always bought me chairs to sit in and sometimes, I would fall asleep. When ever he noticed that, he would punch me and yell, 'Punch in the balls!' and I would wake up and have some lame excuse about why my eyes were closed and that I wasn't sleeping. And then, I remember when I was five, we were in his room and the power went out. It was my first black out and I got really scared. At first he made fun of me for being a wuss, but then he made me feel all better by squeezing me into a hug. He got a lantern and we played twister with only that light. All that boy did was drink Pepsi  eat special k bars, gummy snacks, and oreos, and play video games. There was always that occasional day when he wanted to play outside and we did, all day long. We played football, baseball, soccer, racket ball, birdie, pickle, wall ball, Frisbee, everything. Then, he was 18 and I was 12. He and my grandpa and grandma, who he live with, wanted to move to Arizona to be closer to my dad. They could never sell the house so they let Brett move in with my dad all by himself  That was the most painful month of my life because he was the only ray of sunshine in my life, he would make up for the beatings my step dad gave me. But, he texted my everyday and I texted my dad everyday, and they still made me happy. They wanted to take me away from my step dad, but couldn't afford to. Brett helped me not commit suicide. If it wasn't for him, I would be dead right now, and I'll always be thankful of him for that. I love him and I always will."

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